9 Remasters that Improve on the Original in Every Way

GamesRadar - We sure seem to be getting a lot of remasters lately, huh? You can't go a week without some old game getting a brand new day in the spotlight on modern hardware. But there are reasons why they're so commonplace. People still want to revisit the classics, and that SNES cartridge just won't fit in a Wii U. And publishers, realizing that blockbuster games are time-consuming and costly endeavors, are reaching into their back catalogs to fill the gaps with inexpensive ports.

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Snookies121146d ago

I have to disagree with Twin Snakes. Changing the boss music and having a different voice actor for Grey Fox hurt for me.

bouzebbal1146d ago

and i disagree with Wind Waker, it didnt improve anything. Triforce quest is just as boring. the game might have been improved technically but not worth buying if you played Gamecube version.

ContinuePlay1146d ago

Twin snakes? Seriously? The voice acting was terrible!

Besides, it's a remake not a remaster. New engine, new dialogue, new gameplay, big changes to controls....

Nucler1001146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Agree with Wind Waker man (one of my favorite games of all time), they did a really good job with that.

Really need a Shadow of the Colossus sequel, though I don't ever see that happening lol... :/ .

Summons751146d ago

Well the Last Guardian is on it's way (so we are told and not shown) and in all technicality ICO is the sequel to SOTC... But I would kill to play TLG at some point in my life before I'm 30 (which is still 6 years off so they have some time)

Nucler1001146d ago

Lol yes me too bro, TLG looks so beautiful man. I can't wait until we get an official release date for it.

And woaah did not know that about ICO, probably because I never finished it sadly (disk suddenly disappeared :/).

WizzroSupreme1146d ago

The Last of Us and Wind Waker made near-perfect games all that closer to perfection. Both are among the most beautifully rendered games out there.

Chard1146d ago

Some say that the lighting of Wind Waker hd makes it look worse. I'm undecided. Okami hd comes to mind as objectively better. All it's missing is the song for the end credits.

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