7 Reasons Nintendo's Next Hardware Will be a Smartwatch

GamesRadar - Thank Iwata! Nintendo is finally, after rather too long, pulling some exciting business out of its arse, and hype levels are rightly rising. With the Wii U picking up momentum with games like Splatoon, Zelda, and Starfox this year, and the new 3DS models being released, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who wasn’t at least considering hopping aboard the Gamepad bandwagon, or ditching their old handheld for a new one.

But murmurings indicate that there might be something else to get excited about, and I don’t think it’s a snooze-worthy sleep monitor. Nintendo has had its fingers in a lot of pies over the years - from games and furniture, to food and office equipment - and, after careful consideration, I think it just might want a piece of the smartwatch market next. Scoff and guffaw if you will, but it’s not so crazy.

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