Tales of Zestiria To Have "Skits" as Free DLC

The Tales series has historically had a ton of downloadable content, from costumes to level and money boosts. For the first time in Tales history, skits will now be offered as DLC! What’s even better is that all of them will be completely free!

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Snookies121413d ago

Yesss, the skits are my favorite part of the Tales series.

Conzul1413d ago

I read it as "skirts" and had to do a double take.

Snookies121413d ago

Hey, nothing wrong with skirts either. :D

Relientk771413d ago

The skits are usually hilarious

DivineAssault 1413d ago

Even though its free as of now, i still think skits should be IN THE GAME! not dlc.. Whatever, ill buy the game cuz i love the tales of series but still.. Dont start acting like theyre free gifts & then charge for them in the next game

jonboi241413d ago

If they are adding more skits than I'm all for it but I agree that skits should be a part of a game. With all the ridiculous things they put on DLC for Tales of games, I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging for skits.

osborn20091413d ago

Yeah I kind of addressed that in my opinion section on the story. I love the skits. but they need to already be in the game, not made or released post release

rainslacker1412d ago

Maybe these were extra things that got cut during production because they didn't match up with what was going on, or for some other reason.

If they're offering them now as free bonus content, and it doesn't take away from the original game then I'm all for it.

If it's to test the market to see if they can start charging for it, then I'd be against it.

So far, Tales games haven't charged for anything required to make the game complete, so I don't hate their DLC practices.

DivineAssault 1412d ago

They shouldnt cut anything if its part of the game though man.. Why cut it if theyre gonna give it back? Its a big pile of $h!t.. Theyre trying to ease everyone into thinking its normal to charge for stuff like that... Dont get me wrong because i am buying this game but im sick of 1/2 a$$ed games being released

rainslacker1411d ago

Stuff gets cut all the time during production for any number of reasons. Time, it just doesn't work, cost too much to actually do, or it isn't as good as they thought it would be in implementation.

In this case, being skits, I can see things getting cut just because they don't really add much, or they distract from the overall game.

It's possible that they cut them for release on DLC, or they planned it from the beginning, but we don't know, so you're just speculating on what's going on.

I'd be right up there preaching with you if they were trying to charge for it, because holding back content for future DLC has become a bad practice, but since that's not the case now, I'd say they either added it late/post production, or it was originally cut for some reason.

Slient Knight 91413d ago

I love games with party banter, i wish more RPG's games did.

SoapShoes1413d ago

I can't wait for this, replaying Xillia 2 to get the true ending. Also got Symphonia HD but it's so primitive to even Graces. Kinda hard to get into but I'm sure it'll pick up.

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