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"When I played Dying Light several years ago at PAX Prime, I was impressed. While clearly woven from the same cloth as the janky-but-decent Dead Island, the scenario seemed promising and the atmosphere was something else. As I dashed over cars, scurried up walls, and jumped from rooftop to rooftop, I had to arm traps during the day while the Sun gradually set. By the time I was done, night had come and the sluggish zombies around me started to scream, then transform, as they mutated from dim-witted undead to sprinting, violent monsters. Rightly terrified, I initiated a panicked scramble back to home base, as the infected shrieked around me and a fight looked hopeless. I triggered the traps behind me, slowing my pursuers down while yet more burst from doors and alleyways. It was tense, and I was damn near ready to fill my pants. This little slice of horror informed my excitement for Dying Light, an excitement I’ve carried for over two years."

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Psychotica1181d ago

Ridiculous score, this game has been awesome..

JsonHenry1181d ago

I agree. Not saying this reviewer should like the game. But most people I know like it.

XBLSkull1180d ago

I thought it always looked terrible from the first time that they showed it, a 5/10 is in no way surprising.

MysticStrummer1180d ago

@XBLSkull - If you had actually played the game you might find a 5/10 quite surprising.

Going solely on previews and even watching some streams I would have given the game a 7, which obviously isn't terrible but it made me hesitate to pay full price. A friend picked it up and wanted to play co-op so I decided to use a Christmas gift card on it. Now I'd say a 7 is too low.

It takes the best parts of Dead Island and improves on the other stuff. Well done parkour, a better leveling system, more zombies on screen at once, a day/night system with substantially more dangerous enemies at night, and a more serious tone/atmosphere.

I don't know what you saw that made you think the game looked terrible, but then again I've learned to take your opinions and file them under "Ignore" because you and I clearly have different taste in games.

rivencleft1180d ago

I wasn't too big of a fan of Dead Island, kept getting bored with it but so far Dying Light has been awesome, don't know why people are giving this game such a low score. I played DL for 5 hours straight after I got home from work last night and didn't want to stop playing (stupid responsibilities) and I can't wait to play it some more. The three skill trees are just awesome, I kept hopping over EVERYTHING trying to rank up then I'd stop and see about 5-10 zombies near a spike trap and one at a time I'd lure them to their spiky pointy deaths and loved every minute of it. This game is definitely worth more than a 5, personally so far I'd give it an 8.5, at the least.

trywizardo1180d ago

im not saying he is right or wrong , but have you played the full version yet to say "it has been awesome" ?!?!?!

vallencer1180d ago

Considering he said "this game has been awesome" I'm going to assume he's been playing the game. As have I and it is awesome! It deserves more then a 5. Much more.

Ikki_Phoenix1180d ago

yea sure
dead island with original

BC_Master_Haze1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

it has better points though, the "use it and you get better at it" skill tree, good graphics and a good enough weapon variation to keep things intersting. It also supports all play styles, and full dismemberment is always a plus :)

I think youre not looking at the 'light' side :D

That being said after giving it a go and experiencing the near end game experience through a friend I'm with Solar below, steam sale it is for me.

Ikki_Phoenix1180d ago

i will buy this but not at 69 euros
will wait till it goes 39 or something or gonna wait for a used one from stores

beside need to keep some money for the order 1886 coming in 20 days

Psychotica1180d ago

Is there another zombie game with parkour?

MysticStrummer1180d ago

Dead Island with parkour, a much more serious tone, a better done leveling system, quite a few more zombies on the screen at once, and a day/night system with substantially more dangerous enemies at night.

I hesitated to buy it at full price, and probably wouldn't have if a friend hadn't bought it and wanted to play co-op, but I'm glad I got the game. To me a 5/10 is ridiculous.

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solar1180d ago

i want it but am gonna wait for a Steam Sale before i buy. DI was so so bad, i refuse to buy another Techland game for full price.

Gamer19821180d ago

To be fair Jim Sterling is one of the least biased reviewers in the industry and not on anybodys payroll so I listen to his reviews more than most. However I am enjoying the game so far myself. I agree though with his negative points weapon durability in the game is a joke and zombies aren't scary at all they do just feel annoying..

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Gore-Content1181d ago

The only guy who dares to say the truth.

Neixus1181d ago

There is no truth, the people who give it 9/10 have their own opinion, and the people who give it 5/10 av their own opinion.

xander707691180d ago

You're technically correct, but this overlooks the purpose of a review to begin with.

Reviews are meant to inform others, and give *them* an idea of whether or not *they* will appreciate the game. A review shouldn't be looked at as someone just arbitrarily giving out their own personal and subjective opinion.

Reviewers should try their damnedest to be as objective as possible. Let's say I hate RTS games. Hate em to the core. Exactly what am I contributing to the community and to gamers by releasing a "review" for Starcraft rating it a 1/10?

I am contributing absolutely nothing, even though that might be how I genuinely feel about that particular game for my own personal reasons (I actually love star craft.) Point being, reviewers need to be as objective as possible and have integrity. Justifying unwarranted praise or criticism with "personal opinion" should not be satisfying to anyone.

4Sh0w1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Xander I actually agree with you and Neixus. I also disagree somewhat with you.

"Reviews are meant to inform others, and give *them* an idea of whether or not *they* will appreciate the game. A review shouldn't be looked at as someone just arbitrarily giving out their own personal and subjective opinion."

-Yes they are meant to inform others but reviews are opinion based by default thus the writer of the review should give his professional opinion of the content regardless of his personal tastes about the the genre/game type. Now that said although I wouldn't characterize a review as "someone just arbitrarily giving out their own personal and subjective opinion" definitely is at its essence just a subjective based opinion. I think it would help if more people realized this instead of trying to make them into something much bigger. Again Im not diminishing their value or the professionalism they should demonstrate Im just saying it is a VERY subjective thing to do.

If the writer simply doesn't like the content he ultimately has to MOST IMPORTANTLY EXPLAIN WHY WITH LOGICAL THOUGHTS BASED ON WELL KNOWN ECPECTATIONS= NOT BS PERSONAL GRIPES THAT MOST WHO ENJOY GAMING DONT CARE ABOUT and then score the game accordingly....I havent played this game therefore I cannot agree nor disagree with the writers *opinion but theres nothing here to suggest that the writer is arbitrarily giving out an unfounded opinion.

This is why reviews carry more weight when you become familiar with a critics history. I mean even the few critics/reveiwers I respect I have learned that they can be really *wrong in regards to some of their opinions on games I played, sometimes.

Snakester951180d ago

@Xander70769 There doesn't have to be an audience for the critic to write a review. Reviews are supposed to be subjective more than anything, but because of the industry that is video games, people expect objectivity. If you want integrity, then reviews theoretically are supposed to be subjective and opinionated, not objective. I say theoretically, because that's what reviews are, but once again, not necessarily what people in games are looking for.

ZombieKiller1181d ago

I agree, Im having a blast with this game! Way better than a 5 c'mon!

MSpence5161180d ago

I love the game too, especially at night. Go to the bridge after dark, scary stuff.


The reviewer has a right to his opinion. Every game is not for every body.

Dudebro901181d ago

I'm enjoying the game but it still has the fundamental flaw dead island had. The missions are all the same damn thing.

This is definitely more dead island, but minus the terrible presentation.

Its not bad, but not great.

Game_Face11181d ago

Just an guy looking for hits on his shitty site.

Game has been awesome so far.

SlapHappyJesus1180d ago

So the guy who makes 10k+ a month from his fans is looking for hits on his site that isn't even supported with ads?
You want to hold to that one?

SlapHappyJesus1180d ago

I'm sorry . . . which part of my statement was inaccurate?

Snakester951180d ago

I still think the score is a bit rough, but to consider it click bait is stupid to say. As you put it clearly and Sterling did as well in the comments of his review, there are absolutely no advertisements on his site. Click bait is used for hits as hits convert to money. If it were a YouTube video that'd be different, as he likely has ads on those (Don't hold me to that, not positive).

PockyKing1180d ago

Yea not sure why you're getting disagrees. People bitch all the time about a site looking to make controversial reviews for hits and reap the ad impressions. Jim has no ads, and is giving his opinion on the game and still people say he's looking for hits. Lol.

rebeljoe141180d ago

You should disable adblocker

SlapHappyJesus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


There are no ads on his site. You can participate, baby girl, but only if you wish to join us in the real world.

Game_Face11180d ago

Cool story, I don't care who it is. This is the same moron who overhyped Killzone Shadowfall.

5/10 is just begging for attention, especially considering we actually gotta working game at launch. While that hasn't been the case most of this gen. Fanboying for consoles is one thing but hanging off a journalist's nutsack is just on a whole other level.

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Gamer19821180d ago

Looking for hits?? You clearly have no idea who this is do you??

SlapHappyJesus1179d ago

Chill out, baby girl.
I was just stating facts. I know it's easy to just immaturely throw out a "cool story" and continue ranting, but nothing I said was inaccurate. So watch the tone there.

As for hanging off a journalist's nutshack . . . if that's what you want to call addressing your idiotic first statement, then go ahead. I'm obviously not dealing with the easiest of individuals.

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