Final Fantasy XV Lead Designer Explains What He Learned at Square Enix, Shows Footage of Lestallum

Final Fantasy XV Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer is one of the most prominent non-Japanese developers working at Square Enix, and he gave more insight on how his culture is influencing his game and on what learned at the house of Final Fantasy.

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showtimefolks969d ago

I really hope this is a 2015 title

Summons75969d ago

It's really looking like it will be, even if it's out in Japan first then an early 2016 release to the rest.

Magicite969d ago

Im holding off buying PS4 until FF15/KH3 gets released, got tons of games to play until then, although FF Type 0 and Persona 5 can change my mind.

NoctisPendragon969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

A bundle of one of those two would be freaking awesome.

WizzroSupreme969d ago

Persona 5 will be on Playstation 3, too. Doubt the technical difference will be crippling.

ZHZ90969d ago



Sure Persona 5 is also on PS3 but PS4 has better graphics and the controller fits the hands better.

Nucler100969d ago

Yess man, the thought of waiting yet anooother year is killing me lol.

WizzroSupreme969d ago

This could be the JRPG of this generation, or at least, I hope so.

NoctisPendragon969d ago

It ll be the most innovative JRPG of this generation at least.

Eiyuuou969d ago

You never know what the future holds.

NoctisPendragon969d ago


Are you talking about Scalebound?

Eiyuuou969d ago

Not really. Since that's being made by Ninja Theory I doubt that it'll be that good.

elninels968d ago

Eh it will have great competition. Xenoblade, and persona will more than likely be spectacular. Even bravely second will probably be wonderful.

And then there are the games that haven't even been made yet.