Is Dragon Age: Inquisition Worth Keeping?

Mike Potts from The Zero Review grapples with this tough question over one of this seasons most popular games. Is it the combat? Is it the story? Is it the multiplayer?

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fhizikz1418d ago

Great game I just finished my first playthrough.. Sooo much to do its crazy

thekhurg1418d ago

Yep, best RPG I've played in a long time. Can't wait to see the DLC. The way they set up the gameplay with the board mission configuration - it'll allow for some incredibly impressive locations if they decide to get crazy with new content.

Griever1418d ago

It is definitely worth keeping. It is one of my prized games right now alongside FFXIV. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is deep with strategy, the characters are interesting, the story is intriguing and the environments are enchanting. It is great RPG! I am sure it will only be surpassed by Witcher 3 in the near future. Mass Effect is too far so we cannot say anything about that for now.

lipton1011418d ago

I seriously love it. It's the "classic" western RPG I've been waiting for. I'm on RE pretty hard right now but as soon as I finish my Chris play through I'll be hopping back on. Already have 60 hours and I'm only 30% finished or so. I'm doing all the side missions, including shards. But as far as the question of the article goes, should I keep it?? If I complete it with upwards of 120 hours, I'll sell it, satisfied that I got more than my money's worth

lazyboyblue1418d ago

62 hours in and loving it. Cant wait to see Biowares dlc plans.

MPScrimshaw1418d ago

Glad you guys are having fun with it. I honestly with I was able to.

Kingdomcome2471418d ago

Lol. I read that last sentence in Mike Tyson's voice due to you typing, "With", instead of, "Wish."

OT: I'm keeping the game because I'm just gradually chipping away at it.

jriquelme_paraguay1418d ago

Dont know... but this game is looong...
i will keep it until i finished it 100%... a couple of years maybe. Lol

xwilldemise1418d ago

Funny how I was just thinking this myself, god knows why I can't get into this game. I LOVE all types of RPG's including Mass Effecf. I think I'm going to give this game one last chance, if not probably sell it for $40 on eBay =\

MPScrimshaw1418d ago

Glad I'm not the only one! Its just not jiving with me at all. I just keep thinking "I'd rather just play Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Diablo..."

Duke191418d ago

I was the same way with it. Basically forced myself to continue through the first 20ish hours or so, and then really got into the game.

GribbleGrunger1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Yep, I loved it just before and during The Hinterlands but once I got passed that, things started to get boring for me. I played the hell out of it and now I can't bring myself to continue. The thing that killed it for me was the section you have to find the killer at a ball. Jesus Christ that went on forever and I turned it off several times. I also don't like the convoluted crafting system. Everything just feels overly complicated and tedious.

caseh1418d ago

I'm in the same boat as well lol. I LOVED Origins and bought this day one, put about 5 into it and i'm struggling to go back it.

Ginesis1418d ago

Lol wow...and here I thought that it was me. I want to like it but nothing about the game is grabbing me in.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1418d ago

Yeah, count me in, same here but I'm glad some are able to enjoy it;)

lipton1011418d ago

As soon as I got to sky hold it really took off. It's really good and I consider myself a shooter and horror guy primarily. But I do love me some good ass rpg if it's done right.

Jaevicious1417d ago

Same here for me, I don't have time to force myself to like this game. So I sold it back with hopes of picking it up for $15-20 down the line and giving it another shot.

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--bienio--1418d ago

Yes it is, great game and is so big!!!

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