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Heroes of Might & Magic 3 is considered by many fans as one of the best games in the series, and a remastered edition releases this week. See if this strategy / RPG hybrid still stands up after 15 years.

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awkwardhamster1392d ago

This port is much better then what happened with final fantasy

Th3o1391d ago

Yeah it is, but I still wish they hadn't "lost" the source code to expansion pack.

hay1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

While it's cool they will "find" it later, we'd definitely prefer the whole remaster... Especially when there's not much work to be done with additional expansions to release it. That's the idea of expansion.
We still have to wait until Shadows of Death HD to make it relevant.

Xristo1391d ago

Just buy the complete version on gog. It has all the expansions and random world generators. This version's "upgrades" are not worth it.

gamerlive1387d ago

I hate when companies milk gamers like this.