The Making Of... Postal

Vince Desi doesn't do formal. "Hey, how ya doing?" he greets Total PC Gaming. "I've been ill for a few days, y'know, and I'm just getting back to work. How can I help you?" His voice is bouncy, his enthusiasm for life untainted by bronchitis. Considering this is the man whose videogaming career has been marked by attacks, TPCG imagine you could tie a lead weight to a boulder, sellotape a few nukes to it and aim it at his head and he'd still come out smiling.

Game banned from New Zealand? Check. Game blamed for the stabbing of eight people in a Moscow synagogue? Check. Senator Joseph Lieberman calling Postal "digital poison"? Check. And does Vince care? Actually, yes, he does. His games may be controversial, but he wants them to be fun. "Games are becoming boring," he says. "They are losing the key elements of what makes a game a game. People need to speak up, scream, and stop buying the crap out there. Don't believe everything you read. Demand that all of us involved in making games and bringing them to market have a responsibility to give you quality, not crap."

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