Rumor: Thief Coming To PlayStation Plus Next Month?

GearNuke writes: We still haven’t heard about the games that are coming to PlayStation Plus in February but could Thief be one of the games to be made available for free on PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation 3?

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Relientk77971d ago

I already own it :-/

but that's cool for people didn't play it

I had fun with Thief

DarkOcelet971d ago

It was actually more fun than people seem to think, i dont know why it was hated so much though. I personally loved it.

Relientk77971d ago

I have it on PS4 and loved it, spent many hours on it. It's a fun stealth game.

PoSTedUP971d ago

i heard the hardcore fans of the franchise didnt care for it too much. 'doesnt make it a bad game in general tho.

cant wait, a 1-week-rental-beat on Vita for me ^_^.

I_am_Batman971d ago

I haven't played it yet but from what I've seen it just didn't have the same "mystery-vibe" like the old games. It looked more like a normal medieval stealth game.

Then there was the technical flaws (asset pop ins, sub par texture filtering and uneven frame-timing).

SilentNegotiator970d ago

It was a former PC exclusive (I think the third one might have been on Xbox, though). It was doomed from the start to get undue levels of hate.

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lelo2play971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

"Rumor: Thief Coming To PlayStation Plus Next Month?"

If it's for the PS3, then NO Thanks. I don't have my PS3 any more.

If it was the PS4 version, then great. PS+ would finally offer a PS4 game that I haven't played and actually want to play.

Minimox16970d ago

and if its cross ps3/ps4 :P ?



Well, I believe the tittle was never cross buy, so it would be two separated offerings, than I guess it works the same for lelo.

If it was crossbuy though it would be even better if it was for PS3, as this would mean basically 3 games free on PS4 (this cross buy from PS3 and 2 on the PS4 library, as we have had some of the other months with Vita crossbuys and what not).

Minimox16970d ago


Hahaha yeah I know that will be very unlikely, because its not a crossbuy. but I was joking :P

Unspoken971d ago

For PS3? How come the PS4 never gets anything good?

DarkOcelet971d ago

That would be great if true.

TheFutureIsBlue971d ago

Yep :D It is one of those games I was iffy on so I never bought it, but any game that comes on PS+ I play and try out.

JMaine518971d ago

I started to play it but never got into it. I'll give it another try if this is true.

matrixman92971d ago

interesting that its the ps3 version...seems like a prime candidate for a ps4 freebie

Benjammin25971d ago

My guess is that so few people are buying the PS3 version, they can afford to give it away for free.

BattleTorn971d ago

I thought the exact same thing with Sniper Elite V2 on XBL.

next gen version would impress

matrixman92970d ago

V2 wasnt on current gen consoles...thats V3

BattleTorn970d ago

Omg, you're right. It's Sniper Elite V2, for the X360.

Not even V3 !!! Ouch.

F0XHOUND971d ago

Rather it on PlayStation 4. But plays keeps giving me reason to play my ps3! And for that, this would certainly do so!

Add me on psn btw guys OPNinjaStyle :)

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