Apple Patent new Controller Design for the iPhone: 3DS and Vita Beware

The Web Graffiti: "Gaming on a smartphone can be problematic when it comes down to some games. A game like Angry Birds should pose no difficultly, but First Person Shooters are a different issue altogether. It is probably the reason why Apple recently patented a gaming controller for its iPhone."

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ScorpiusX1414d ago

Isn't there some razor or android tablet slide on controller already and it has joysticks.

Immorals1414d ago

If I wanted to splash out on an expensive device for anything, let alone gaming, an iPhone would be bottom of the list.

kayoss1414d ago

Thats a horrible design for a controller. It looks like one of those electronic gaming device back in the days.

Immorals1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yes but people have forgotten about it, so they can announce it as 'groundbreaking, new technology. Only a months wages!'

ZeroX98761414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

similar products are already on android and it never really made a dent to the 3DS/Vita sales. touchscreen-based games are what's popular on Smartphones for short gaming sessions.

AudioEppa1414d ago

What a stupid title, beware? Lol ok ok

superchiller1414d ago

I know really? As if a couple cheap little buttons and d-pad on an iphone/ipad can replace all the controls on those dedicated handhelds? Give me a break.

marloc_x1414d ago

Says the guy gluing Xbox parts to a Vita..