UK Weekly Charts, 10th January 2015

UK Hardware by platform:
XOne 17,567 (-35%) 1,495,898
PS4 14,219 (-55%) 1,858,246
3DS 6,542 (-65%) 2,729,733
X360 3,698 (-51%) 9,023,076
WiiU 2,773 (-57%) 423,584
PS3 2,656 (-48%) 6,020,087
PSV 884 (-46%) 519,601
Wii 114 (-59%) 8,647,465

1 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
2 Grand Theft Auto V (XOne)
3 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)
4 FIFA 15 (PS4)
5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XOne)

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GribbleGrunger1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

So ... GTA5 tops the charts on PS4, beating out the XB1 version, COD:AW beats the XB1 version and FIFA on PS4 is in the top 5 (with the XB1 version down at 9th), and yet the XB1 won in the UK. Something is definitely very strange about the numbers this week.

DarkOcelet1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

VGchartz is usually wrong and overtrack Xbox and undertrack Ps.

GribbleGrunger1267d ago

They overtracked the XB1 by 100k last January and it pretty much looks like they're going to do the same again. Add to that the fact that on both the UK and US versions of Amazon the PS4 has lead, and it's looking very odd indeed.

No_Limit1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I liked how you two just pick and choose data to fit your agenda. If that is always the case, then how do you explain vgchartz overtracked the US PS4 November hardware sales by over 200,000? and how do you explain that they counted Driveclub sold figure of 269,633 units as of the end of December in the US but in fact NPD leaked numbers showed it only did 84K?

vgChartz is a fan made site and they can be hit and miss on anything but I find it funny that when they show the XB1 leading and some positive XBox hardware news, they are under investigation for lying but I see you two on every vgchartz sales thread and pretend they are as legit as NPD when it favors your system of choice. LOL

morganfell1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Well apparently all of the other stores in the UK are selling exactly opposite of what Amazon UK is providing. In the name of efficiency mark it down that individuals who purchase from Amazon UK are a completely different buyer demographic.

Here is the hourly bestseller list for Amazon UK:

Here is all of January to date for Amazon UK:

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gangsta_red1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I wonder why VGChartz overtracks Xbox consoles only...

Do they overtrack Sony about think GTA, CoD and every other top spot game has been overtracked? Or is this just reserved for the Xbox console?

And maybe, just maybe people bought more GAMES for the PS4 version but those same and others could have bought XBOX ONE CONSOLES also.

Naaaaw, that's just way too strange.

EvilWay1267d ago Show
Antifan1267d ago

Yezz! Theyz beez biasz 2 xbox onez!! VGchartz are S0ny fanboiiz!!

Spotie1267d ago

Why? Because they have a history of overtracking Xbox consoles only, while undertracking Sony consoles, even in the face of official numbers. The site's creator was pretty blatantly pro-Xbox for quite some time.

Why would he overtrack Sony software numbers? Why would you even suspect that? Is there some history of doing that? Is there some history of him tilting the software numbers one way or another intentionally?

If not, why ask such an asinine question?

Better question: how did you gain two bubbles in one day without having submitted anything in nearly two weeks, and your only bubble votes of any kind in the past two weeks being Trolling and Personal Attack? Suspicious...

gangsta_red1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

@ Spotie

"The site's creator was pretty blatantly pro-Xbox for quite some time."

Classic!! I was hoping someone would put this.

You see, what I'm trying to point out to you and others is your wild and unexplained conspiracies that are baseless and would prove nothing to anyone. It's any and all excuses as to why Sony may be behind, an exclusive game might not be good or an exclusive game might be rated lower than a 9. It's either "MS paid for" or "VGChartz undertracks".

I can't believe how some of you can't see how ridiculous that sounds, that they would only undertrack Sony. For what purpose? Who does that benefit?

I have an even better question for you Spotie...why are you still stuck on one bubble? Is it because you submit nothing, add nothing and constantly attack people when they have an opinion that is different from yours?

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Gamer7771267d ago

Its not strange; the overall PS4 console sales are still higher.It makes sense for some games to sell more on Sony's console even when the XB1 is selling better than the PS4 for a given week.

Godz Kastro1267d ago

I'm sure Ps fans can't wait for March. Seems like they have a lot of time on their hands.

ZeroX98761267d ago

well so many gamers picked up the PS4 already, the X1 was bound to get some good week sales afterwards. Not saying it`ll stay like this, but it`s not really a surprise for me.

shloobmm31267d ago

Or people who already have consoles are buying those games. Common sense. Use it.

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Geobros1267d ago

Its rare to see xbox one in UK at 1st place.

u got owned1267d ago

Why? Xbox was 1st place in UK las gen.

Foehammer1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

X1 is still selling strong into January

Congrats MS

Amazing to see the launch title Forza 5 (26) still on the charts after 14 months

DeadlyOreo1267d ago

Oh god it's Foehammer with his standard "well done Microsoft!"

Seriously, do you work for them?

Kiwi661267d ago

Why are you upset that he is happy with his company of choice and have you said the same thing to the people that praise sony when theres a positive article

dolphin_supreme1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

@deadlyoreo @forehammer hes one of those people who need to feel like a winner, so he clings his identity onto an arbitrary image and every time the company does well, he feels as though he won. It's the only way for someone like him to feel like a winner without trying. of course, this applies to all console fanboys and pc master race.

Moldiver1267d ago

"hes one of those people who need to feel like a winner, so he clings his identity onto an arbitrary image and every time the company does well, he feels as though he won."

Indeed. Most fanboys of either console behave like this, to be fair. been on this sit long enough to KNOW that! lol.

What they need to do is go out and achieve something for themselves instead of being cheerleaders for electronic consumer companies. Thats what REAL winners do.

But hey...we are the sensible ones.

josephayal1267d ago

Competition is a good thing, Congrats X1/MS

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