When Video Games Have an Emotional Impact

When you play video games, you don't just take action and press buttons. You feel something inside. Find out why in this editorial.

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DarkOcelet1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I remember the first time play Kingdom Hearts 2, it was my first game in the series and i didn't know anything about it and was very confused but the moment when Roxas told Sora "'re so lucky...cause my summer vacation is.......over!" I was very moved by it, i just didnt want to let Roxas go, i really hope he comes back again with a heart somehow because seriously he is the most badass Kingdom hearts character to me. And thats when i loved KH so much. Its such a masterpiece and every fan knew how it felt when they finally announced Kingdom Hearts 3, such an epic moment.

PoSTedUP1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

i cry when games release broken and buggy ...but like a man and s***.. of course.

i dont remember getting all teary-eyed from games or movies growing up. i was numb as a child. maybe when i hit a certain age, i think like 17-18 after i cleaned myself up; thats when stupid emotions hit me. at 19-20 playing MGS4 i deff got all teary-eyed numerous times throughout the game.

Kevdater1415d ago

Kh2 made me cry whenroxas become sora's ghost square Enix did something right