Button Mashers: Mortal Kombat X – Reptile Reaction Video

As part of an ongoing series including the ‘Kombat reaction video for Kitana, Kung Lao and Goro, Button Mashers is back.

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Stevefantisy1090d ago

I think he exploded his head man not just breaking his neck

JoeIsMad1090d ago

More like squished, but it's probably safe to assume that he did both.

Magnus7011090d ago

You know...I think Reptile's projectiles looked better in MK9

JoeIsMad1090d ago

I agree. I kind of wish they gave the spherical projectiles some oval shape or wobble.

Jacktrauma1090d ago

Really digging the new look of the game for sure,and these reaction videos are epic lol

Hoffmann1090d ago

Your Soul Is Mine

@ tomorrow

Hi3i1090d ago

When are they going to do Lou ?? They better have him in the game!

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