Nintendo Explains Reluctance to Release Mobile Games

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has today explained the company's resistance to releasing titles from its iconic first-party games library on smart devices.

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Solidus891388d ago

Good. I don't want to see mario or zelda diluted with mobile ports or inferior cash-ins.

theradadmiral941388d ago

Agreed. They're nowhere near the point where they have to think about pandering off their most important IPs.

Codewow1388d ago

But.. why can't they release a mobile game fully packed with no microtransaction crap and charge $15? I think people would probably buy the hell out of a mario game on mobile phones. Mobile games don't have to be putrid sh**. Mobile game devs just try to cash in on the pay to progress quicker method of mobile gaming.

Gh05t1388d ago

Right because they haven't ported SMB to the gameboy advance, 3ds, wii, wiiu... I could go on but I think you get the point.

Nintendo has ported their own IP's for a long time and there is no reason older games couldn't be ported to "smart" devices.

Who said anything about making it inferior... I have seen plenty of emulators that play some of their IP's just fine on a phone. I bet it would be even better if it came from inhouse.

Owenza1388d ago

This seems a little short-sighted. I think there's at least some opportunity here to re-release classic nintendo games for mobile and tablets, so people can get their nostalgia fix while on the go.

Codewow1388d ago

You would think a company that likes money would love the idea of making more money on games that shouldn't necessarily cost more than $2 a piece anymore, but nope... Nintendo, while preserving their IP's are also shooting themselves in the foot by not getting with the times.

lemoncake1388d ago

If you really want you can get all the retro Nintendo stuff via emulators on mobile so no big deal.

Kevlar0091388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I'm sure there's a bit of pride in their decision. They would be leaving their own consoles to die in order to hit a gold rush, selling their company soul to attract customers who have no brand loyalty. The Wii shows how just because you sell a ton of units and games it doesn't necessarily translate well into the future, you can't take things for granted.

Nintendo would have to work harder to justify selling cheap/freemium games on mobile versus pricey games on their handheld/console. Plus they've seen how the mobile market works, if you aren't a big hit or sell for free with microtransactions you don't make it in the long term, even some of these games don't make it past a year.

And guess what happens if mobile doesn't work out? Even more questions and problem could arise. There are a lot of of Nintendo fans who would be aggrieved to find Nintendo going in another direction, mobile doesn't necessarily breed favorable practices. I don't think it's fair to say Nintendo has had a few lackluster years so now they should jump onto a new ship. It's too soon, they have too much in the wings to make a change.

There are certainly arguments and trade-offs to be made for either way, they aren't in a financial spot to make such a decision atm.

GokuSolosAll1388d ago

There's no reason not to dabble. Just release the likes of Pokemon Trozei or Metroid Pinball, or just copy mobile genres like Endless Runners (after playing with my Mario Clock which is similar I think it can work).

I don't think it should be a main focus by any means. Just side projects, tests, and simple titles. Mobile can't be ignored by a gaming company if their goal is profit.

Trust me, I'm no fan of mobile nor am I suggesting that they release mainline franchise installments there. Just saying there's wiggle room.

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