Metal Gear Solid 4 Week: Part 3 - The floodgates open

To celebrate PSM3#103, PSM3 have been inviting theories as to what on God's green Earth Kojima's stealth masterpiece is all about. They have dunked their philosophical soldiers into Sunny's fried eggs, discovered that they are, in fact, the PMCs that Snake is fighting, and chewed over the argument that the whole point of Guns Of The Patriots is to make them realise how brilliant MGS3 is. And clearly this has got a lot of you thinking, so today they are featuring some of your best theories and Gear-related brainstorms...

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Commandant3732d ago

The reality is that MGS4 is a perfect manifestation of what those "conspiracy nuts" all talk about; A shadow government. The idea that there are people who control over very lives without us ever knowing it. In MGS4 it was called the Patriots, The Philosophers....In reality, they are called the Bilderburg Group or The Committee of 300.

Hideo also illustrates something that all thinking people fear; Complete and total control over everyone and everything. Total control over thoughts, actions, feelings...It's a terrible thought if you live in a free country. SOPS may also be represent genetic modification, showing how those who aren't "modified" may soon be considered lesser races.

The ending of this game is hopeful, showing how the protagonists successfully cut the world of it's addiction to War and consequently SOPS. But, in reality, if these various accusations are true, we have no hope. And probably haven't for years.