Gaming Verdict looks back at Viva Pinata

Brightly coloured, fluffy, and sacharin sweet; Viva Pinata must be for kids, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. But of course, you've every right to be.

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Superfragilistic3726d ago

It was one of my favourite games of the early next gen cycle and was the perfect and addictive comedown from a nasty as hell Gears multi session.

VP2 looks like more of the same deceptive goodness. :)

green3726d ago

I took the words of you guys on N4G and downloaded the demo and could not believe that i actually played that demo for almost 2 hours.Only stopped playing because you can't save your progress in the demo so could not be bothered to start afresh the next day.

It was really different and fun and if tempted might just give the sequel a chance.

Superfragilistic3726d ago

It's still one of my favourite MS exclusives and IMO the best work RARE has done in many years. It reminds me of the Bullfrog era of god games, albeit with a very sick and twisted sense of humour behind the kiddy veneer.

The sequel will definitely be worth a look if not a purchase, but you should go pick up the original for around $5-10 beforehand. The tutorial/demo hides the depth and then all of a sudden 2-3hrs in layers upon layers start revealling themselves and gameplay becomes completely open ended and in many a sense player created. :)

I spent well over 50hrs on the original and I highly advise any male gamer to put their "masculine" pride aside and pick this up and give it a spin!