TPCG preview: Lord of the Rings Online - Mines Of Moria

You can almost hear Jeffrey Steefel, executive producer of Turbine's Lord Of The Rings Online, straining at the leash as TPCG probe him for details on the encounter everyone's anticipating in the upcoming Mines Of Moria retail expansion. "You will be encountering the Balrog during the game in Moria..." A pregnant pause ensues as Adam Mersky, Turbine's head of PR, silently makes his presence felt, "...we're just not talking about how yet."

But then Jeffrey throws TPCG a bone, "Some of that relates to the epic story and when it is that you're in Moria, and the encounter will be unlike any other encounter in LOTRO today. Period. In fact, that was my instruction to the dev team. That's really the point of Moria in general, which is that this place needs to feel like something that you've never experienced in LOTRO before and that you've never experienced in an MMO before. Ideally, if we really get it right, one you've never experience in an RPG, or computer game before in terms of scope, magnitude and vastness of it. It's a tall order but the guys here have had tall orders before."

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