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Cinelinx: " So far, upfront thoughts are this. The game plays beautifully on consoles and if you enjoyed Dead Island you will enjoy this. The added platforming perk is super sweet, but the gameplay gets repetitive quickly. I really enjoy the idea of climbing out of danger, running from zombies and costantly looking for something to jump on is thrilling. This is true especially when the game throws zombies around every corner! Fluent controls really shine in this game and I can see myself really liking the game if it ever starts to open up a little bit. Expect Dead Island, don’t expect The Last of Us in regards to involvement. More to come!"

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Sgt_Throatpunch1178d ago

Sounds like you jumped the gun on a score. Finish the game, spend more time in MP and then get back to us.

nucky641178d ago

you said it - these people haven't gotten into the game more than a few hours - I'm about 14 hours in and it just gets more fun for me.

Sgt_Throatpunch1178d ago

Yeah, especially when you get deeper into the skill trees. Nothing like drop kicking a zombie and watching them dismember.

Soldierone1178d ago

Well the actual review at several points states "review in progress" and that the game is getting better as it progresses. Just actually have to read the review and not the summary here. :)

RedSoakedSponge1177d ago

yes. but then they shouldnt give a review score then right? giving a review score is left for when you have your final thoughts on the game. stupid if you ask me.

MilkMan1178d ago

I think this will be one of those games where "reviewers" want to pick at it and trash it. You know what Im talking about. The game that goes against the grain of the folks that are actually playing the game.

Soldierone1178d ago

I don't see why people think the review is being negative. 3.8/5 is not a low score, and it's actually higher than a lot of the reviews on the site. The review itself also praises several aspects of the game, in fact pretty much the whole review is like that. A review is supposed to praise and critique and that's what it did. So how is it negative?