Predict-UBI-lity: Forget Glitchy Games, Ubisoft’s Got a Bigger Problem

Once an industry leader in new and entertaining experiences Ubisoft has felt the wrath of the gaming community lately after releasing some less than stellar games. Unfinished and glitchy games have come under fire but we dig a little deeper into what's going wrong at the big publisher.

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DarkOcelet1414d ago

There was three Ubisoft games last gen that was amazing story or cool characters last gen or at least inspiring or innovative and those were, Assassins Creed 1 and 2 and Far Cry 3. The rest kinda sucked in those department and the repetitive structures and similarities between their games made them unbearable to play at times. Hell, i enjoyed Deadly Premonition more, the gameplay downright sucked but the story just couldn't make me put it down because of the amazing attention of details in it. They forgot the meaning of innovation and inspiration and are just looking for money now. Its a shame once a great studio to become such blank one like it is right now.

WeAreLegion1414d ago

Poor Prince of Persia (2008). It never gets any love.

DarkOcelet1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I totally forgot about that, it was awesome, its a shame that the Forgotten Sands ruined the series for me and made me forget about all about the beauty of POP 2008. The Art Style was amazing, the characters were cool and in my opinion one my favourite POP game alongside Warrior within.

WeAreLegion1414d ago

Oh, God. The Forgotten Sands was awful. :/

Digital_Anomaly1414d ago

I don't think they've forgotten ALL innovation but they've certainly gotten lazy with their AAA titles. Games like Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, which were two of my favourite experiences in 2014, are full of imagination. Hell I even give a bit of respect to The Crew... it had some great ideas but the connectivity issues I came across really spoiled the experience for me.

I don't think Ubi is beyond hope. They just have to listen to their audience and stop trying to nickel and dime us with horrible microtransactions, finish games before they release them, and stop banking on sequels to sell JUST because of the name.

Venox20081414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

dont forgrt both Rayman games and Child of eden (published) :)

CloudRap1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Overhyped soul less games that get very repetitive with little change between iterations. Ubisoft games feel like jobs that were rushed to get done with minimal effort vs. being a work of art that they truly want to create.

Ubisoft has always been worse than EA imo.

DarkOcelet1414d ago

I remember them mocking Battlefield 4 being rushed and buggy. It had to really sting to see their games suck so bad in comparison.

Christopher1414d ago

Way too much emphasis on "surprise" factor in this opinion piece. I don't need to be surprised by what is happening in my game as long as it is otherwise engaging and fun.

I don't think the answer is for Ubisoft to try and surprise us. The answer is to not let poor management decisions affect development which hinders any potential storyline as changes in development alter original plans for the story.

DarkOcelet1414d ago

Did you find that their games are lately engaging and fun because to be honest, they wear thin just after a few hours of gameplay. I dont like that feeling in a game which where a story comes in, if a story is good and engaging then it will outweigh some of the flaws of the game but if the story feels blank and soulless then thats where its really feels like garbage.

Christopher1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I'm not saying I find their games engaging, I'm just saying that the author seemed to think that the solution was to be constantly surprised.

I was not surprised by Uncharted 2, but it was a great story.

The problem with Ubisoft games isn't their inability to surprise us, just their ability to write something worthwhile.

Look at Watch Dogs. A protagonist no one cares about, working with some asian guy we have no clue about, running into two hackers that are thrown in to make it so we're not talking to ourselves the whole game, and his sister gets kidnapped but there's nothing there to truly give meaning to their relationship with one another. Just showing us someone attacking them in the beginning doesn't do it. That's why The Last of Us intro was powerful. You actually were in control of escaping. You felt the atmosphere weigh down on you as you wondered if you would get through this and how and with whom. It wasn't just some cut scene that no one cared about. It was written and controlled by you. And when you lost that someone, it wasn't out of nowhere, it was predictable, but you felt the emotion associated with it because of the way it was written and given to you to control.

Another example of story telling that I hated was AC4. It got to the point where I was wondering how often they would strip me of everything I had obtained and learned, just to see me stranded on another island. Doing that once, that's fine. Doing it so often that I'm wondering what's the point of learning the new abilities... it just weighs down on you and makes you feel like they don't want you to use what you've learned, just run hoops through the basics over and over again.

DarkOcelet1414d ago

I just played Uncharted 2 recently and to be honest i wasnt expected it to be that awesome with so many Holy $#$% moments. The game felt fun and you wanted more of it and wished it never ends.

But with Watch Dogs\Assassins Creed\Far Cry... things get way to repetitive, Climb tower, destroy outpost, assassinate someone, bad stealth missions, extremely boring and forgettable protagonists, hundreds of the same boring activities. It just feel like the people who work there are just working and not having fun with what they are doing, i wonder if the people who worked on the games there sometimes even play their games. That is why i am not optimistic about Rainbow siege and The Division no matter how good they look.

Number-Nine1414d ago

ubisoft has become EAs twin

hasamalaha1414d ago

Unity had a bad release. The game is awesome though.
Watch Dogs was overhyped, but the game was enjoyable.

I don't see the big problem. Even if you hate those 2 games, they have many more that didn't have issues.

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