Top 10 Videogame Characters That Need To Die Off

Top 10 Kid: "Game publishers love money and in their minds the best way to make that money is to take what made them successful and keep shoving it down our throats. It's time to let some of them die so we can have something new and not be stuck playing the same out-dated characters from the 80's or grizzled hero's that populate most games today. These are the TOP 10 Videogame Characters That Need To Die Off."

Sitting at number ten on the list: Master Chief.

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InMyOpinion3665d ago

So he basically wants to remove all of the most popular videogame characters?

Which ones are left then? Spyro? Gex? lol!

green3665d ago

Thats why i reported the article as lame.

InMyOpinion3665d ago

I rarely report news as lame but I completely agree with you on this one. It just makes no sense at all.

truth for gamers3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

catastrophe why did you choose master chief as your news image?, it was'nt even number one on the list, your bias is egregious. IMO the only character that needs to die off is mario.

JVIDICAN3665d ago

catastrophe? bias?
you couldnt be more wrong ;)

Cat3665d ago

Lol, I chose MC b/c it was #10, in the summary and didn't want to spoil the rest of the list.

kazuma3665d ago

that's why the site is called =D

deeznuts3665d ago

It's a lame article but kinda sarcastic. Like the snake one. He wants to get rid of it because he plays the game so damn much,that's what he's saying.

Like, "here take this away from me I can't seem to put it down ..."

Still a lame article but not as the title suggests.

donator3665d ago

"I’ve spent more time on the beach at Normandy than our actual troops did. I have actual flashbacks whenever I hear a car backfire. I’ve even started eating rations. One more WWII game and I’m buying a Volkswagon bus and hiding out in Canada."

How offensive. Playing a damn WW2 game is no where near what the actual thing. I hate how fat nerds who play games think they're experts on the subject matter that the game simulates. And war PTSD is nothing to joke about.

Tmac3665d ago

I dunno man, I really think the world could do without master chief.

RebornSpy3665d ago

How much do you want to bet that I get more disagrees than you? It's just an opinion.

thebudgetgamer3665d ago

i call shananagins on this hole fricken article

Whoooop3665d ago

If this article was submitted by Bloodmask, you can be damn sure that it was going to have Snake in the story image.


CrazzyMan3665d ago

heh, that was funny stuff =)

Nineball21123664d ago

Some of you guys take things just a tad too seriously. The comments in the article about WWII was meant to be sarcastic/funny.

You really have to WANT to be offended if what the author of the article wrote got you upset.

Take some advice from Sgt. Hulka in Stripes... "Lighten up Francis".

chasuk083664d ago

I agree, its a pointless article and is definetly LAME. If we got rid of mario, link, mastercheif, solid snake, who the hell would we have left. Personally i never want those characters to die. STUPID ARTICLE!

staub913664d ago

If Mario dies....Nintendo will die.

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poos33665d ago

fanboy areticles solid snake should be there ,all final fantasy mk should be there sefiroth etc .

JVIDICAN3665d ago

solid snake is there
maybe you should read the article ;)

PSWe603664d ago

for FUKC SAKE go to school and learn to type, idiot

thekingofMA3665d ago

while some of the choices are true, that writer is terrible at what he does

princejb1343665d ago

4/10 of those characters are from nintendo which is pretty sad since those characters have been there since snes days
mario can be known as nintendos signature character

ThatArtGuy3665d ago

Donkey Kong and Mario have been around since Nintendo's arcade days. Link and Samus have been around since the NES days. A long time before the SNES.

deeznuts3665d ago

Yup. I remember playing Donkey Kong on a Atari 2600. Damn I just dated myself.

Polluted3665d ago

I'd vote for everyone from the Sonic universe that isn't Sonic, Tails or Robotnic. If those characters that are left don't find themselves in a decent game soon then maybe it's time to let them all die. We'll see after Sonic Unleashed comes out.