Six fixes Forza 6 needs under the hood

Here are all the engine tune-ups we’d make before Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 6 rolls out the garage.

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Septic1415d ago

The Top Gear association is pretty cool still.

Agreed with the Microtransactions.

Fujimi Kaido deffo needs to make a comeback.

The A.I is much better than your bog standard racer- Drivatars made sure that they were dynamic and it really does prepare you for online racers (well almost).

Dynamic weather and day/night cycle; a lot of people have made noise about this so it should be in there.

"And one thing not to change: 1080p, 60fps"

I don't mind it being lowered if we finally get some proper destruction in these games. Really, they leave a lot to be desired. The original GRID did it so well and better than Motorsport 5 which is supposed to be a next-gen title.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

Forza 5 was clearly rushed and everyone noticed that but here it wont be the case. Secondly 1080\60 fps, i just think will be easier to achieve since the Xone has improved than it was since launch. Lets just hope the dynamic weather is sick.

christocolus1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'm certain Forza6 will once again be 1080p/60fps . it would be crazy for them to change that. that should be the norm.i also hope they add dynamic weather. drivatars will most likely be improved upon and i'm sure they wont repeat the mistakes they made with Forza 5.

otherZinc1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@Turn 10,

Don't listen to this Clown author.

I'm sure you know the people that actually played Forza Motorsport 5,like myself; And the Clowns with an opinion that didn't like the author of this article.

Micro transactions:
Those that played the game knows that we beat Forza Motorsport 5 without spending 1 friggin dime! I have about 15 races to finish before I completely every race in the game. I've purchased absolutely nothing!

Using real drivers, perfect. This author is nuts.

1080p 60fps in replays?
LMAO! What for? Again, the author is friggin nuts. As long as the game you're playing is 1080p 60fps...GREAT!, no other next generation AAA Exclusive console racer has come close to accomplishing that 1080p 60fps Locked Feat; but Forza Motorsport 5!

Car crashes :
Does the author know if he puts the game on simulation, your car can become disabled, due to crashes? Does the author know if you lose the wing on the back of your car due to a crash, it will perform like s**t? No, the author doesn't know this because he only played the game for a few races.

Put it in Forza Motorsport 6.

I don't know, I like the real feel of Motorsport. I do know there are races in the rain, but not the snow. So, that's up to you.

Top Gear:
Is great! I thoroughly enjoyed the history of the cars they provided through narration! Again, the author is illustrating what a troll clown he's attempting to be.

Please add this. This is my main request! If there's a licensing fee; let us know, I'll be more than happy to pay extra for NASCAR. Also, the NASCAR Tracks:Daytona, Darlington, Atlanta, Martinsville...etc...

Formula One:
Was great. If you can keep it contractually great.

Turn 10:
Listen to your true fans. The fans that have huge numbers in Forza Hub, like myself.

I'm looking very forward to Forza Motorsport 6 this year! Please release it at least 1 month before Halo 5, so I can get a solid 4 weeks of uninterrupted driving recorded.

Godz Kastro1415d ago


Man, i couldnt have said it better myself. I have killed Forza with NO NEED to pay anything extra!

Moldiver1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

"I don't mind it being lowered if we finally get some proper destruction in these games. Really, they leave a lot to be desired."

Sceptic, we are homies. I love ya bro. But no way should they drop it to 30FPS! I love the feel of the cars in forza @ 60FPS. All that detail in the handling, like the way the car loads up the front when you brake to hard and damn near slides into a tire wall, because there is too much load too fast ( THAT has deffo happened to me a few times, in real life. Im a pretty enthusiastic driver) and just the way weight transfers over my carefully tuned suspension settings. ( you ever need a well set up car on FM5, just holla at me!)

As for my wishlist for FM6:

I would love 60FPs replays to be added along with better visuals/AA and overall post effects. I like seeing the cars physics at work..watching the tyres and body roll through corners. It looks less "choppy" at 60FPS.

day/night cycles for all tracks, along with weather. The thought of tackling a rain drenched nurburgring with that forza handling will cause me many a sleepless night. I can just about pull a sub 7:30 time in the dry.they modeled the "carousel" bend perfectly. Its the fastest hairpin on the whole track and you can use the banking as a slingshot, carrying at least 80MPH, through it if you attack it from the right angle...but get it wrong and you WILL be hitting that rewind button! Most people seem to chicken out and just coast around it at, what seems to be 40-50. I always hope no cars are in front of me when I approach it.

Bring back all the tracks from previous FM games. Sidewinder was fantastic for tuning suspension. I used to use that track to test all my cars settings

Bring back the porches! T10 got the 911s handling down to the T! Never played a racing game that gets as close to simulating that rear engined rear wheel drive setup. And I played all kinds of sims over the years.

I would also like tonnes more body kits. They skimped on this for FM5. Was gutted when I realised they left out the C-west body kit for the nissan 350Z.

If any of ya'll are are some pics of my wonderful forza garage


Edit: you will have to sign in to see my FM5 cars.

Godz Kastro1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


Good Post... Love that FM3 Hotrod and Viking Pic!!! You have some cool looking wheels. You design too or just tune?


I am a little concerned of the yearly iteration but its a separate studio.

Playground - Horizon
Turn 10 - Motorsport

1415d ago
Moldiver1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Thanks. I love my hot rod decals. I also have it on my 288GTO and F458 in FM5. Still need to upload those pics. just waiting for the right photo op during multiplayer! You should have seen my ridge racer type 4 themed cars. I had a corvette in RT solvalou decals. A mitsubushi eclipse, rocking red and yellow Team PRC decals. A integra type R with the dig dug decals from the first ridge racer game. And a team mappy themed renault clio V6. I also have a rear wheel drive accord (drivetrain and engine from an S2000) sporting the dig dug decals.

The viking was a decal I bought, but added the rest of the decals myself.

I think they could get porche back again, easily. They had them as DLC in FM4, after EA had the rights.they might have had to pay EA something, so that is probably why they were DLC, instead of on the disc.

But oh how I miss attacking the ring in a porche 911 GT3 RS! or a 1972 carrera RS 2.7 with gulf or martini liveries. Im a proper petrol head (My three vices are music, cars and games. in that order)

VforVideogames1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Can somebody slap Turn Ten Studios and tell them we don't need Forza every year?
Are they trying to catch up with GT?
Why dont they make Forza Rally instead?
Or how about Forza Nascar?
Jesus Crist.

Naga1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'll try to break this down Barney-style for you.

+ Forza Horizon is an open world arcade-style racer. It releases every 2 years.

+ Forza Motorsport is a track-based racing simulator. It has been released once every 2 years since 2005.

+ Neither game comes out every year.

+ Both games are developed by different studios (Playground, Turn 10), and both games target different demographics.

Because the games are sufficiently distinct from one another, and because 2 years is an accepted and long-standing industry standard for refreshing a particular demographic, it is perfectly normal for Microsoft to publish Horizon and Motorsport on alternating years.

Microsoft is not watering down the Forza brand with this strategy - they are providing gamers with more of a good thing. So stop complaining.

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DarkOcelet1415d ago

That was some really great points. What is needed also is..

More tracks just like F4

More Cars because it sort of paled in comparison

Dynamic Weather would look great especially at night so hopefully it has that.

crazychris41241415d ago

1080p60fps, more cars, more tracks, day/night cycle, dynamic weather, improved cosmetic and performance damage, more customization and a fan system. Fan system would kinda be like the drivavatar system in which you earn cash when you are not playing. Earn fans just like in Horizon 1 for winning races n great driving, more fans means more merchandise sold which is more cash for you.

u4one1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

i would agree with this list. I miss some of the tracks available on f4 and the microtransactions are obnoxious. I don't mind the Top Gear influence but a part of me feels any time you inject real life pop culture into something (video games, movies, cartoons) you instantly time stamp it and give it an expiration date - which, further into the future cheapens some of the classic experience of the title when you go back to it. Still... its my favorite console racing sim.

rakentaja1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

1)More cars and tracks, which is obvious. Just bring back some old ones at least (suzuka, camino, mapple etc).
2)Better AA
3)No rewind
4)Only 1st place can be Gold/winner not 3rd.
5)Auction house for selling designs (not crappy ones for free).
6)Better damage.
7)More tiresmoke.
8)More Home Space variety.
9)Car selecting w/ logos not from A to Z
10)Soundtracks specially made for the game
11)Add Rally

JCOLE131951415d ago

I'm pretty sure you can just disable rewind in the first place.. Right?

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