PlayStation Network To Encompass Games, TV, Video And Music As A Premium Entertainment Service Brand

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment International LLC. (SNEI) announced that PlayStation™Network (PSNSM) will be the premium entertainment service brand which encompasses games, TV, video and music services. "Video Unlimited" and "Music Unlimited," Sony's digital video and music services currently offered on Sony Entertainment Network (SEN™), will become part of PlayStation Network, and rebranded as PlayStation™Video (PS Video) and PlayStation™Music (PS Music) respectively.

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gangsta_red1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Looks like Sony is trying to be the all in one media device. Focusing on a lot more than just games, they seem to want people and their users to know that they also have TV, movies and music to offer on their console too.


Godmars2901415d ago

Considering that they're not just going to be offering the services on consoles, its only natural.

Versus what MS originally planned with the Xbox brand about making their console the focus.

gangsta_red1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

MS plan was doing exactly what Sony is doing now, MS were just more up front about it. Sony, on the other hand knew exactly what to say and how to market their system as "games first" all the while though they had every intention of doing what MS and what you are seeing here now all along.

Extremely well played by Sony and their marketing team, they did everything right as MS fumbled for being direct. Sony did so well in fact that some of their fans still think that entertainment was second to gaming.

You really think that MS didn't have plans to unify their services all along as they just announced recently?

extermin8or1415d ago

@gansta_red the entertainment is second to gaming on the ps4- just not on the PSN they both seem to be being given equal space. Gaming is a form of entertainment infact it's arguably the largest of all of the entertainment sectors nowdays. So positioning gaming first sells it to the hardcore gamer market who buy loads of games, but someone that buys loads of games is also likely to like movies and music too-goes with the territory really. So then they add those services and build them up and people will use them out of convenience as that stuff will be available accross different devices. So whilst current gen gaming will remain exclusive to the current playstation platform-movies, music and previous generation games streaming will be everywhere and people will use it-capturing some of that casual market, some might even progress and buy new hardware in the future to play current gen games and get into gaming too. Well played sony well played but I don't expect them to ditch the gamer first plan because if they did they'd risk pissing off alot of people by seeming to 'abandon them' (you know what people are like...)

spacedelete1415d ago

i thought Sony was already that since at least the start of the PS3 era. this is just changing names of their services and trying to make it sound fancy.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1415d ago

As long as they don't become a watercooler I'll be fine, this won't be as easy as flipping a switch;)

Oschino19071415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Sony produces some of the top TV shows, movies and music so it makes plenty of sense. This will not hinder a single thing on the games front, not even the amount of attention they get.

This is what I have been wanting for years, all my basic media entertainment tied together through a single account/network. It will as Godmars290 said be on many other devices too, most of which Sony also produces.

Nice stealth troll attempt though, casual readers probably won't notice.

gangsta_red1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Yes, it does make a whole lot of sense. With their PSNow service I can see them moving all this on to their TV's, Tablets and any other supported mobile device.

And just like Apple, Google, MS, they will make use of a unified account through PlayStation Network, which is their most popular and recognized brand.

Seeing all these unified accounts, streaming service and cross-play features just makes me more convinced of an all digital console for next gen.

extermin8or1415d ago

all digital yeah maybe- i see discs or some form of physical media existing but in smaller quantities- abit like albums STILL get a physical release but most music is consumed digitally these days.Maybe a digital only model that's slightly cheaper and then a disc based premium model of ps5 seems on the cards.... :o

Thatguy-3101415d ago

Yea the only difference is that Sony actually invest a lot on games and knows that the console is a gaming device FIRST

ExPresident1415d ago

I think it was obvious from the last gen that Sony and Microsoft both wanted to go for both gaming and multimedia. I have no problem with that. Its just where should the focus be? Gaming imo.


In regards to your post I think MS focused to much on multimedia and that is why they fumbled, along with their initial DRM plans etc. It isn't that people don't want the multimedia aspect as part of their console, its that they want gaming to be the priority on a gaming console. That is why Sony is winning this gen.

gangsta_red1415d ago

Why can't the focus be on both? It's not like Sony will cut back on games while they build up their entertainment features for PS4. Their 1st party and third party devs will continue to make games. Not one game developer will stop making games in favor of music, TV Shows or Movies or knowledge that Sony is planning this.

This is what I don't understand when people were so upset at MS and their media plans. Did people actually think that there would be no games or no focus on games just because MS was talking about everything else the Xbox One could do? That to me is just so strange, especially in this day and age where every device can do more than what it was originally built for. Especially when they even said in the reveal that they invested billions into gaming.

When Apple unveils it's new iPhone and talks about all the great new things it can do, does anyone ever say.."Well they didn't talk about phone calls, they are obviously not focused on me calling people.". No, it's a given.

MS seriously fumbled with the DRM, no one is arguing that.

Sony is winning this gen because of a lower price out the gate. Another brilliant move on their part, they waited for MS to announce their price and then they undercut them by 100, of course it was at the expense of the then included camera, but still another brilliant move by Sony.

GameDev11415d ago

No not really, with this comment and your below comment you are trying to make it seem like they are following MS idea's, they are not

Since PS3, they have always offered music, tv and other media services upfront. The difference is that compared to MS, games and games features(shareplay, remote play, games were revealed first) are more important upfront to the playstation brand, then others come later like the power series, playstation vue.

It is the reason the playstation 4 has more game related tech for remote play and shareplay built within it, why it has more powerful hardware from listening to developers than a tv integration technology that talks to all our media like the Xbox One has

You seem to be reaching too hard

KwietStorm1415d ago

Of course Sony knew "exactly what to say." It's a gaming system. Only idiots would sell it as a TV device. Oh...

extermin8or1415d ago

they don't need to sell it as a tv device-they just needed to put psn on their and other's smart tv's (like the samsung deals) and then they have the entertainment side covered too....

Godmars2901415d ago

"You really think that MS didn't have plans to unify their services all along as they just announced recently?"

This is the same company which lacked the foresight to enable out of the box DVD movie playback on the first Xbox - couldn't because of how it's parts were licensed - where so focused on pushing online media they shortchanged the DVD drive to the point it ate discs, and now with the third its just a mess. Aside from making media a priority they tethered rather than cut cable, something which they seem to have reversed on only because of what Sony's doing.

freshslicepizza1415d ago

microsoft already had a bundle that includes Office 365 Home, Skype Unlimited World and WiFi, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Music Pass.

meanwhile sony blocked ea access from happening, missing dlna support and only recently allowed mp3 playback but with a usb stick plugged in at all times while trying to promote its own music service instead. i take it you don't see that as a lack of foresight at all.

GameDev11415d ago


Am sorry but how is not allowing a game service like EA access when they have their own, not putting DLNA now which the PS3 had and can happen with the PS4, plus plex app already covers DLNA, and using a usb stick for music like the Xbox One a lack of foresight compared to MS promoting their game console as a TV media?

I mean if they had a lack of foresight with the PS4 selling so fast and so well worldwide compared to their competitors, what would have happened if they did use that foresight well??

freshslicepizza1414d ago


the ps4 is selling very well because of many factors, that's not what is being discussed here. the discussion was about an apparent lack of foresight on microsoft's part about being a media device when sony is more of a media company and the ps4 is lacking features the ps3 had and is still missing features promised before the launch like resume and play.

what i also see thats very intriguing is how those who constantly pick at the xbox tend to ignore and give nintendo a free pass. by all accounts the wii u is more of a game console than both the ps4 and xbox one as it is even less of a tv media device yet it sells far worse. why is that? are sony loyal supporters that insecure about the existence of the xbox that they need to concentrate all their efforts downplaying it in order for them to enjoy the playstation more?

Godmars2901414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I'm not even talking about what MS have done in recent months, but what they've done over the course of years. Of repeatedly saying that they offered the best online and media service with XBL, of going to the trouble of licensing exclusivity with Netflix for almost a year, only to have the 360 not even be regarded as a major platform for the service especially after it became available on the pS3. Of the insistence of requiring anything you wanted to do with an Xbox needing XBL Gold until very recently.

Again, this bundle which likely mainly applies to PCs, is inclusive of the 360/X1 out of hand, is U.S. only and is a few months old is something new that they're trying. It not something that they've been working towards.

As for this being about fanboy BS, yes, it is. Ever since Xbox fanboys have been defending XBL Gold everyone else, from Sony fanboys to rational game console owners and even some PC gamer enthusiast who gave enough of a damn to pipe in, condemned the service for the cash grab that it was. One that has only changed because of how badly the X1's reveal went.

And in that regard, now that you have to pay for multiplayer on the PS4, because MS had been doing such for years while not being a real factor in regards to media support - again, look at the Netflix example - Nintendo likewise isn't a factor. Their online support well behind anything MS and Sony did, while media-wise support has only ever semi-been there.

freshslicepizza1414d ago


first off stop blaming microsoft for any path sony has taken. nobody forced them to put multiplayer behind a paywall. just like nobody forced them to charge $600 for a ps3. second of all sony is a entertainment company so to put all the emphasis on the xbox while totally ignoring the ps4's lack of media capabilities shows how biased you are. you will never get an argument out of me that media functions like netflix should have ever required gold membership and xbox live.

so lets get down to it, both the ps4 and xbox one were rushed to market. both lacked features that consumers not only expected but were promised. so why are you totally ignoring these facts when it comes to the ps4? resume and play has been promised before the system came out. the xbox one still has screenshots missing in action. dlna is still missing on the ps4. mp3 support is a half asses attempt and didn't even come out until later. it doesn't even support cd playback. the very company that created cd. so to suggest microsoft lacked foresight while totally ignoring that it is sony who is the entertainment company. the same company who said the ps3 was more than a game machine and the same company who pushed cd on the first playstation, who pushed dvd on the ps2 and then bluray on the ps3 is now exempt from criticism because you favor that company over microsoft? the same company who made sure their music service was ready for the ps4 launch while ignoring mp3 playback has now turned into going after microsoft and its lack of foresight in a topic about the playstation? i think its quite clear where you want this debate to take place and it certainly isn't to criticize sony in any way while eagerly going after microsoft instead.

please only reply if you actually want to discuss things rationally, not some personal issue you have with microsoft.

Godmars2901414d ago

The PS3 and 360 where launched too soon as far as I'm concerned. Put out with MS and Sony both underestimating hardware demands for HD. Similar has likely happened with the PS4 and X1, devs seem to be between praising and criticizing the systems with each and every other breath, but all the media BS going on is just that: BS.

Aside from the CD thing, which Sony probably did to push Music Unlimited, as less wanting to be bothered with three disc formats.

As for MS, I have no major bug up my bum regarding them. Their devoted fan camp, who have repeatedly stood by everything MS has done regardless of what it did to themselves much less the industry as a whole. While I have no interest in the X1 right now, my exact levels of interest this gen is WiiU, PSTV, PSV-imports (since they can be played on the PSTV), PS3 (imports), PS2, PS4 and... maybe the X1 for Scalebound if that game isn't as I suspect multiplyer focused?

Consider that last bit as you will. As far as what is now current gen I'm more or less passing on it because always online and multiplayer have taken over.

andibandit1412d ago


" that you have to pay for multiplayer on the PS4, because MS had been doing such for years.."

Yeah, Sony had no saying in that at all....

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Sharky2311415d ago

If you remember when they announced the xb1 all they talked about was TV. They showed forza and then said TV a billion times. Maybe Sony is adding this stuff but it was not at the forefront at the beginning. It's way different when you push games first and add different features later. Everyone eventually wants some kind of new features. I don't see anything wrong with TV on either console, but it was so built in to the Xbox 1 that it got a bad rep. You only get one shot to make a first impression.

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Dhampir1415d ago

Bet they are going to announce a bundle subscription. $149.99 for Playstation Plus, Now, Music, and Video.

Oh and feel free to fix the messaging on PS4, any day now...month... before year 3 would be nice.

Godmars2901415d ago

Yeah, looking at that price for what would be one year isn't pretty, but then if they make cable cutting a thing, especially to non-console owners, then its more appealing.

MeliMel1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I couldn't disagree more. If they offer all of that for $150 a yr. You bet your behind Im getting the service. When I had internet and cable i was paying $160-$180 a month. $150 a yr would be awesome.

Edit: disagreeing with you thinking $150 yr isnt pretty. No, its beautiful.

GTgamer1415d ago

My messaging works perfectly at the moment it used to act weird by not allowing me to messages at times but now no problems so far.

Oschino19071415d ago

$149.99 for how long? And what about Vue?

@Godmars290 what isn't pretty if that's for a year? IMO that would be the biggest bargain in entertainment but also very unrealistic and highly unlikely.

If this was for every service $149.99 would be closer to the monthly cost.

Godmars2901415d ago

There will always be some entitle douche who expects to get all that's being offered for $50.

Antifan1415d ago

That's a decent price if the its for 6 months to a year. Cable cost that much in only 1 month.

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WeAreLegion1415d ago

Good. This is much better branding.

mokkeyrg21415d ago

lol yet the sony fans hated xbox to have tv ect what you call hypocrites

slate911415d ago

Dont generalize sony fans based off this site. A mistake i used to make myself. The people on this site are of a different breed

BitbyDeath1415d ago

Yes and then all the Sony fans bought a PS4 instead of an XB1. See how that works?

Remember the guy in charge also said if you want to play games offline then buy a 360. MS had an idiot in charge back then there is no denying it. Both Phil and Satya have been turning it around since though.

Jaqen_Hghar1415d ago

there's a difference between focusing on TV and having it. Sony obviously is focused on gaming first with the largest group of first party devs and the most games out and coming out ( They talked about things in the order that they prioritize with games in their first 2 conferences and 15 minutes of extras that will obviously be there but they don't feel the need to talk about it for an entire reveal like MS

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