PS4 & Spotify is a match made in heaven

Dealspwn writes: "Goodbye Music Unlimited. Good riddance to bad rubbish. After a year of frankly embarrassing music solutions, as the PS4 found itself with limited functionality and tethered to another restrictive publisher-backed subscription, Sony are finally bringing out the big guns in terms of a partnership with Spotify.

Put simply, it's about time too and fantastic news."

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FuzzyPixels1415d ago

Don't often blast music in the background whiole playing games, especially not if the soundtrack is ace, but Music Unlimited was utter wank. Good to see Sony seeing sense and putting services on the platform that people actually want.

PS4 is perfectly capable of being a media hub, Sony just didn't include the features that would allow it to fulfil that role. Also crucially never marketed it as anything but a games machine. Cynical move perhaps, but allowed for low price point at launch. Now they can (re)introduce services and attract greater audiences.

Blues Cowboy1415d ago

Agreed. Game soundtracks have reached a point where they actually use high-calibre orchestras and musicians, but sometimes it's nice to stick something on during grind heavy games such as D3UE or Destiny to shake things up.

mike32UK1415d ago

That comment made me laugh way more than it should. I haven't heard the term "wank" used as an insult in a long time! Bubble up sir

Whitey2k1415d ago

i would love if the songs came on when u drive a tank or a vechical in battlefield and listen to other peoples music when u enter theres

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The story is too old to be commented.