Square Enix teasing more PS4 'Project Code Z'

Earlier today Square Enix teased that it is revealing a new PS4 project on the Tokaigi 2015 event that will take place on January 31rd. Tokaigi is a recurring event from Japanese website Niconico.

Apart from some minor teases the game 'secret' project is a mystery.

Ahead of the Tokaigi event Square Enix has been teasing some more on Twitter. The new tweets are as mysterious as the title's logo though.

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DarkOcelet995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

"It was cold outside and so was my mind"

Parasite Eve is set in New York and the third birthday ends in a cold setting. Here is Hoping for Parasite Eve 3. OH GOD, please SE do it. That would be awesome. Bring Aya Brea Back!

VER1ON995d ago

That actually might be a possibility. Thanks for the tip! I loved Parasite Eve and would buy a sequel instantly.

DarkOcelet995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

If it has a PS4 Bundle then i am gonna buy it day one.

PeaSFor994d ago

plot twist...... its actually the real FFVII remake we always wanted.

bouzebbal994d ago

yeah bring them Mitochondria phenomenons back!
PE is one of my most beloved franchises ever. PE1 and PE2 are kick ass games. Knowing SE i dont think it's that. it's just too good to be true.

Iltapalanyymi995d ago

wasn't parasite eve and 3rd birthday the same series with a different name? i think it was like that. or was 3rd birthday the 3rd part of PE?

fug. anyway, whatever this is, i hope it does not disappoint.

DarkOcelet995d ago

The 3rd birthday is indeed Parasite Eve but a certain incident made it feel like a complete different game and if i said what it was then i would spoil the game for you but lets just hope its Parasite Eve 3.

Gamer1982995d ago

PE3 would be a megaton announcement really as a lot of fans hold it in the same breath as Final Fantasy. It really was a great series and sold well (over 2.6 million combined) the first one selling a lot better than the first. The controls are the only thing that let them down which could easily be fixed in a new game.. I loved finding and upgrading guns and felt it was like resident evil met final fantasy in a modern day society..

PoSTedUP994d ago

ha, did not know that. guess im about to give the third birthday a go. dang just missed the sale for it last week.

Blastoise995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Nah It's definitely not Parasite Eve 3, trust me.

There are a few images from the tease and it shows what seems to be a strange cavern full of crystals or something. Seems very traditional RPG and quite Kingdom Hearts-esque. So I wouldn't get your hopes up

Gamer1982995d ago

Which is why I'm still thinking Star Ocean 5. We have had one each generation of PS and SO4 was exclusive to 360 for a short while which at the time was selling better than PS3.

DarkOcelet995d ago

One can hope mate, and Parasite Eve 2 had some variety of locations if you remember The Ark which was all planty and greeny and then you also had the mojave desert then a facility so it can still be it. And it also had some humor with Kyle Madigan, Maeda and many secondary characters.

MSBAUSTX994d ago


I am inclined to agree with you. I would jump on a new SO game big time. I have always love them. I like the fighting style of them being a little more ARPG instead of turn based. I am going to hope for that and given the bits of ibfo so far the animation style and feel would point to your theory being correct too.

Godmars290995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Lets hope that Square can tell a decent story, then be able to put you in it as an interactive element.

DarkOcelet995d ago

Square Enix FF Type 0 story was actually enjoyable. Yes, ffxiii might have left a bad taste but i am sure they will learn not to screw up this time just as long as Toriyama is not directing.

izumo_lee995d ago

As long as it isn't Toriyama writing the story any game would be good. He almost single handedly ruined Parasite Eve with his shi*tty writing in Third Birthday.

Magicite995d ago

Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross or Xenogears reboot or sequel please.

styferion994d ago

I'm still hoping for Chrono Break, though there's very low chance it'll come true.

994d ago
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lonelyplayer995d ago

more PS4 exclusives? niceeeee

LOL_WUT994d ago

Who would disagree with this? Bring on the exclusives! ;)

chikane994d ago

the guys in green would

Kurisu995d ago

Maybe you should wait to see what it is first before getting hyped for a bundle xD

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Forn995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

I know this is off-topic, but isn't something teased on a site from Quantic Dream supposed to be revealed today? Anyway, I am super excited to see what SE has in store for PS4 from this tease.

WeAreLegion995d ago

Yep. The countdown is gone.

equal_youth995d ago

Yep i think it was for a Fahrenheit Remastered Edition that released yesterday on steam.
OT: Parasite Eve would be awesome but i think SE has forgotten about it.

DigitalRaptor994d ago

Quantic Dream's new website goes live tomorrow morning at 07.30 (CET).

They will deliver some "fresh news" then.


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