Dying Light Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

While we’re eagerly running through Dying Light for review, we put some time aside so that we could compare the performance and visual fidelity from a couple of the versions. We took thirty screenshots from Dying Light’s PlayStation 4 and PC versions and compared the two.

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vishmarx1183d ago

these bs comparisons needs needs to stop
pc can cost anything from $400 to $2000 and run from 720p30 to 4k60
theyre not the same thing
both have different advantages

ValKilmer1183d ago

Oh my god, it's not an apples to apples comparison. First of all the screenshots were taken in 1080p on PC, same as PS4 renders and outputs the game in. Secondly, nobody said they were the same thing. It's just purely *if* you have a decent PC and *if* you have a PS4, what are the differences in the the graphical quality?

Jesus christ...

starchild1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

See, that is such a fanboy way of looking at things. You are so wrapped up in the console war nonsense that you seem to think these comparisons are some kind of competition and that they therefor need to be "fair". Your identity is so wrapped up in your favorite console that it bothers you when it doesn't "win", so you make excuses for why it didn't "win".

But that's not what these comparisons are about. They are a factual comparison between two or more versions of a game. They are simply reporting what the differences are, not trying to provide some kind of "value" oriented judgement of which platform is the better bang for your buck or anything like that.

hennessey861183d ago

as a PC gamer I really can't see the point in comparing, who is gaining anything from these comparisons other than the websites doing them.

BigShotSmoov0071183d ago

Just to keep the fanboy wars going, that's all.

ABizzel11183d ago

I agree, there's no point in them. If you have a gaming PC you know what your PC can do, and whether or not it's more powerful than a console to begin with.

The point of these articles are simply to troll and spread flames.

starchild1183d ago

I don't agree with you. These comparisons provide information that may be important to some people in making a buying decision regarding which version to get.

Having more information is never a bad thing. Not everybody does things the way you do. People obviously have different priorities. Some people game on console and PC and they don't always buy the PC version simply because it can reliably be said to be the better-looking and better-performing version. That is just one thing out of many that weighs into their decision making. But knowing exactly how much better the PC version is, and in which ways it differs, can be important information to help these people make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, some of us just find the comparisons interesting because we are curious about graphics tech and like to see how it plays out differently in different versions of a game.

LamerTamer1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Except there is no need because there is no mystery. Everyone knows that a decent PC will look better. By just comparing screenshots they are only talking about graphics, and I doubt any PC gamer will need this guide to "make a buying decision" as they already know the PC, as always, is the better looking version.

A better comparison would be between xbone and PS4 as those are closer in power.

UKmilitia1183d ago

looks good on both and looks better in motion on both.

Corpser1183d ago

"Dying Light looks better on PC. It’s not only the resolution flexibility, HBAO and better anisotropic filtering, but the locked View Distance setting on PS4 is actually equivalent to 0% on PC, or quite possibly even less. That’s not to say the game looks bad on PS4, but the draw distance can be far from desired."

LamerTamer1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

That is because they made the xbone version then ported to the PS4 with no enhancements. They stated they made both at graphical parity and they look identical. If they used the extra bit of GPU on the PS4 it could have more of the PC effects turned on. No it still wouldn't match the PC, but it would have been a bit closer.

xTheMercenary_1183d ago

How can it have the pc effects if the effects are exclusive to NVIDIA, a gpu component which ps4 doesnt have.

IrishSt0ner1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Don't blame Xbone for the PS4 version, they said base graphical parity across all platforms (PC included) - it just the PC can do extra.

There is no way a console could even match the PCs lowest settings.. point and case:

Console vs PC LOW:

Console vs PC High:

xTheMercenary_1183d ago

I've played with the settings in dying light, putting it to 50% saves you roughly 10 frames if it goes to 0% that means it'll increase by roughly 20 frames which is quite decent, but isn't necessary for my rig. I was agreeing with you until i read ps4 might be under 0% draw distance how do you get less than 0% lol.

BABY-JEDI1183d ago

I never really liked Dead Island. Poor physics, characters, animations, materials ect. The graphics here however look good. PC master race may think differently though. Hopefully, it will play well.