Driveclub on PS4: Check Out All the New DLC Cars and Liveries and See if They're Worth Your Money

Sony Computer Entertainment and Evolution Studios just released a batch of DLC packages for Driveclub, and to help you decide if they're worth the purchase or not, here are 82 screenshots of every available new element.

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Team_Litt1387d ago ShowReplies(7)
wynams1387d ago

Every blurb on Driveclub just pours more salt in the fabled PS + edition vaporware.
Eff evolution studios ... Sony Liverpool would have never released something this fubar

reallyNow1387d ago

see the disagrees? its because driveclub, as it turns out, is a GREAT GAME. its a fantastic racer. tons of speed, badass cars to drive, great sound, visuals, AND most importantly, gameplay. the challenge system is addicting too if you're somewhat competitive. its great.

medman1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I hear you...I might feel the same way, or similar anyway, if I had not picked up DriveClub in Dec. for around 30 bucks. At that price, what I'm experiencing is more than worth it. In fact, it didn't take long for me to drop some more cash for the season pass, it was that addictive. I agree no psplus edition to this point is disappointing for those who were looking forward to it, but honestly....if you don't want to buy it, don't you have anybody who would be willing to let you shareplay?? That would be even better than the psplus version (ok, not visually, but you would get to use whatever cars and tracks you like) and you could see if it's something you're interested in.

nowitzki20041387d ago

I refuse to buy any DLC. If everyone did the same, the developers would stop this. I am not paying extra to get virtual anything. Last time I bought DLC was for COD4

Moldiver1387d ago

"I refuse to buy any DLC. If everyone did the same, the developers would stop this."

If everybody refused then they would stop making DLC. plain and simple. You would just get the game as it is on disc. since when was adding new content, post launch a bad thing? for a driving game it is needed and help expand its play life greatly, if you are into racing games.

On topic: Those liveries look awful. except the apex livery on the white enzo in the middle.

Knushwood Butt1387d ago

A couple of the Sakura ones look OK, I think. Would probably work better with different colours.

Knushwood Butt1387d ago

Will you download the patch that gives you the Japan tracks, and the free car though?

Just curious if, 'virtual anything', is OK if it is free.

nowitzki20041387d ago

Most games I do not keep more than a month, lose interest and so many games come out just about each month that I want something new.

If I dont buy the DLC, I dont care if they do stop making them, release it when you release the game.

If its free then usually I have no choice do I?

mickeyweng1387d ago

imho TLOU DLC "left behind" is even better than the main story itself.

DLC is just a tool, solely relying on how devs use it.

ps4fanboy1387d ago

I can understand why this game still attracts attention from ppl who love it , but why it still attracts sad idiots pretending to be unbiased going over the same old that's been fixed now is beyond me... Haven't they got any decent games to play on their platform of choice? Lol.


shodai1387d ago

Jealousy is a driving powerful emotion. They see a good looking game and feel the need to bash it because they are insecure about their own games.

Its like a girl who looks at a prettier girl in the same class and says shes a slut (excuse me for offensive wording) or bashes her in anyway without even knowing. simple, because she is simply threatened.

And thats what driveclub does to xbox fanboys. they cant take that the neighbour has a prettier house, so they insult him kinda like the simpsons and flanders.

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