Slow start for G200

A source has revealed to Total PC Gaming that sales of nVIDIA's new 280 and 260 GTX cards are much slower than normally expected for a new GeForce release. The Radeon 4800 series is being cited as the cause for this.

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wetowel3696d ago

Well duh...I could have told you this was going to happen....

JsonHenry3696d ago

D'uh! When AMD/ATI has a better part for the performance/cost of course your high end cards are going to sell sluggishly!

JoelR3696d ago

*is cheaper
*gives similar performance
*expands better (crossfire)

basically the new ATI series kicks the Nvidia cards to the curb and then curb stomps em.

Sure if you need the absolute best buy the new Nvidia's but if you need good enough then buy the ATI.

Ghoul3696d ago


its mainly because there is no game out atm that needs a new card, tahts the problem. I mean i bought one but mainly because it was overdue coming from a 7950gx2. If there would be a crysis2 or hl3 you can bet that those cards would sell like hot cakes.

JoelR3696d ago

Not so sure... it has been lately that games that push the hardware just haven't been good enough to care about. Until people see a game that pushes and is good then good enough is good enough.

TheIneffableBob3696d ago

No, GT200 sales are sluggish because of ATI's offerings.

ATI's 4000 series are selling like crazy.

Ghoul3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

@ bob didnt knew they published salestracks for the ati cards lately, can you link me one ?

and i didnt deny that ati takes it part but its not solely because of ati cause the nvidia cards arent that far off in price, the 4870 csits 210€ and the gtx 260 250€ that is adifference in 40€ i really love to pay for a less hot less watt intense card :)

@bob part 2

"as ATi’s latest cards perform similarly but are significantly
cheaper. "

as i said the ati cards arent selling well either.

SaiyanFury3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I'm a typical NVIDIA fan but yeah, performance versus cost-wise, the 4850 and 4870 kick NVIDIA's GTX 200 series butts. The best performance single GPU GTX 280 is ridiculously priced and better performance can be had in ATI's 4870 for about 300 dollars. I recently got an NVIDIA 9800 GTX for about 200 from eVGA but if I had the extra hundred dollars I totally would have gotten a 4870. Great numbers, great price. Good on ATi.