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xHeavYx1391d ago

Great news, being able to listen to my own playlists without taking hard drive space is amazing. I only wish PS+ subscribers would get upgraded to premium Spotify members when using it on a Playstation device

subtenko1391d ago

That would be an INSANE deal. I wonder how that could happen though. Spotify is like $3 a month or something right?

xHeavYx1391d ago

Not sure how it will work on PS devices, but on my phone it's free with some commercials.

ZeroX98761391d ago

Wi-fi access is free and when you play a playlist, the order is random. If you pay for the service, you get offline listening and you can control your playlist however you want.

Last time I used the service it was like this. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)

ShAkKa1391d ago

If it's anything like the mobile app then IT WILL take HDD space, lots of it in permanent cache form. Let's hope unlike in iOS it give us an option to clear that up.

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Eonjay1390d ago


Music Unlimited was a partnership through a third party. It wasn't really Sony's, merely a branded partnership which has come to an end. Therefore Sony has announced a new partnership with a different company, Spotify.

ikkokucrisis1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Oh my, now the PS4 is the only next gen console that can stream music freely while gaming?!


mikeslemonade1390d ago

I think this may make people buy the subscription for Spotify. That's why Sony and Spotify are partnering up for this.

SolidStoner1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Im using sporify now for free on PC about 2 years.. and half a year it is free on Phone.. all music! it only alows 5 track skips from your playlists in a hour.. if you wonder.. aslo commercials are every hour.. thats why its 100% free and will work with PS4 if it will be supported, since I live in Europe (baltic states, Latvia) Im have no support from sony, I cant buy games with my credit card, and no support from all PS4 features, only games and online.. I had to register fake country then use PSN money card to get PS+...

BlissSeeker1390d ago

My main issue with Spotify is when you go to look for a song, and all you find are a crap-ton of covers. Annoys the hell out of me haha.

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Enemy1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

This is massive news holy hell. My Spotify playlists + Driveclub = HNNNNNNNNG

mabreu1391d ago

Yes! Driveclub needs this badly.

Ghoul1391d ago

or imagine this

sync gamemusic playlist into spotify account.


pivotplease1391d ago

Yeah this is great.Definitely an upgrade from Music Unlimited; however, I hope they don't view this collaboration as an excuse to slack on adding more media capabilities to the system. Seeing at least local MP3 and video support would be nice.

It's really weird turning on my PS3 and it barely feels last gen considering how many more features it boasts over the X1 and PS4 still. That's your current best bet for a media center tbh.

Blaze9291391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

"making it easy to sign-up with your existing ID and subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service."

so no free option? Only the premium Spotify? This is why I'd still rather just have custom MP3 support. Tired of paying for things I can do for free.

MegaSackman1391d ago

You pay your mp3 music... right?

Forn1391d ago

Get a USB drive and then you can play your MP3's from it...

KingDustero1391d ago

Spotify is MUCH, MUCH cheaper than buying mp3s. If you actually listen to music often I don't see why you wouldn't have a subscription. Plus you can add the mp3s you already have into playlists on it that can be played from any device.

bub161391d ago

In the comments the admin said you don't need premium and that they will still continue with the ad supported spotify like normal

TKCMuzzer1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

In the blog comments they state that it will support the free ad version as well

GameSpawn1391d ago


You are assuming everyone is paying for their MP3s. For people still buying CD's they are ripping them to MP3. There is a fair share of people getting music via digital such as iTunes and ripping DRM if it exists out. Lastly there is the group who torrents everything (we all know they exist and may even be using this site right now).

Spotify has its benefits and in this case versus Music Unlimited it (1) frees up Sony from having to manage one more service and (2) opens up to a much larger music library than just Sony BMG's. This is a good move for Sony and Music Unlimited users (yes no more Music Unlimited, but Spotify is a MUCH more robust service with a bigger selection and Sony is giving an easy way to convert existing accounts over to Spotify).

Blaze9291391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

@MegaSackman - I buy CDs and download mixtapes bro. Yes, those still exist.

But i see the comment now. so cool that the free version is there.

vacoby51390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

@bub the admin on the site also said the 10% discount code could be used for preoders, so they don't always know.

This is a good surprise though (especially if the free version is included), still we should be able put our own music on the system without a flash drive..

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callahan091391d ago

This is fantastic news! I've been a Spotify subscriber for 2 years and I LOVE the service. About 85% (just a rough estimate) of my favorite music happens to be on the service, so I rarely have to get my music elsewhere. Can't wait to have it on my playstation!

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WeAreLegion1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


I've been wanting this forever! Now, we just need Google Music.

Very smart to drop Music Unlimited and partner with Spotify.

Gamer19821391d ago

Indeed I have a spotify premium subscription and love it. Never fancied Sonys purely because spotify was cheaper and had a bigger catalogue not to mention it had a better app and was on more devices. The sucky thing about PS4 though was always you could only use Music Unlimited and now its spotify.. Its made my day :).

pivotplease1391d ago

I was able to get Music Unlimited for $50ish for a year and I recently got Spotify and it's essentially $120 a year (they offer no deals on bulk subscriptions for some reason). Pretty crappy but I guess that's just Canada. In the US you can apparently get a student discount that brings the price down to around the same as Music Unlimited. That's probably the only time it would be worth it for me.

WeAreLegion1391d ago

What's funny is right after the PS4 launched, I complained that Music Unlimited sucked and we needed Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music on the PS4. I lost three bubbles for that comment. Haha.

Travis37081391d ago

What about some PS4 updates? It's been way to long since the last one. And we need more apps like this.

DragoonsScaleLegends1391d ago

It's only been a month or two which is actually not that long when you consider the holiday vacations the software team probably got and it takes a while for software to be developed and tested before release, but yes we need more apps on PS4. Personally I want the CWTV app Xbox has.

BitbyDeath1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Music Unlimited was part of the firmware I believe so an update will be required for this change. Who knows what else will come with it.