The PlayStation 4 Earns Sellers a Total of $14,294,821 in the last Three Months on eBay...

It seems the PlayStation 4 even outshines the Xbox One on eBay! n3rdabl3 dives into the facts and figures released by e-commerce aggregator Terapeak.

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Neonridr1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

how many of those recent PS4 sales on ebay were the 20th anniversary edition console which had a ballooned price tag?

Team_Litt1177d ago

More people are selling off their ps4s. Big whoop.

mkis0071177d ago

...and more people are buying them ?? for more money??

MasterCornholio1177d ago

Looks like you got him.


Well said.

stuna11177d ago

You forgot "Big whoop"!

OT: If this was only three months, imagine a year! Oh totally overlooked the fact that the PS4 has been selling like this for over a year! I wonder how many anniversary edition consoles they released? A gamer on my friends list said he brought 1 for 2 grand! A little rich for my blood, but he's an enthusiast when it comes to gaming.

Ikki_Phoenix1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

ah poor guy you still live in a dream were the xbox dominates the ps4 ?

you wished that was true aye ?
well better stick to that dream and never wake up cause it will never happen in the reality...have fun playin last place with the wii u..which btw is way better than the xbo

mkis0071176d ago

Cant stand chest-thumpers, even when they are on my side. Anything is possible. Never speak in absolutes. Its the same when no limit chris etc etc start every comment thread that is pro xbox by saying "xbox just keeps getting better and better"(or something similar like they have to force everyone to believe it) without fail nearly every time. Was fine for a while but now it just looks disingenuous, like they want you to believe it even if they have doubts.

Just stop being a chest thumper, it doesnt make you better then them. It just makes you look bad.

JamesBondage1176d ago

FYI retailers also sell on ebay..

Locknuts1177d ago

I couldn't sell mine for enough money so I swapped it for an Xbox One. The Xbox is hardly any better though :(

spacedelete1177d ago

swapping a sports car for a banger. well done.

Locknuts1177d ago

They're pretty much the same. Both tragically underpowered compared to their predecessors in their time.

I thought the exclusives on the X1 would make it the better console but MCC was busted and the Halo 5 beta didn't fill me with confidence. That really leaves Forza, KI, Gears and Scalebound. I hope things pick up otherwise I'm selling this one too. This gen sucks so far.

Lennoxb631177d ago

More like swapping a Honda for a Toyota. Neither one would be comparable to a performance vehicle. smh

JamesBondage1176d ago

sell your xbox, save up a little more, and build a pc. Built my lil bro a computer last year for just over $500 that plays modern games with good frame rates

Locknuts1176d ago

I think I will upgrade my old gaming rig. I remember not being able to afford a machine that could rival the 360 back in 2005/2006. All I should need is a new GPU this gen and I'm running circles around these weak boxes.

scotmacb1177d ago ShowReplies(5)
GokuSolosAll1177d ago

Sick of the console wars between Sony and M$ with a dash on Ninty. Need some new blood, or rather, old blood; where's my Dreamcast 2, Sega?

SmielmaN1176d ago

In all honesty I would rather have Sony, Sega, and Nintendo again. I was a big Sega guy.

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