The PS4 Slim is a fake: "I just wanted to draw Sony's attention and to sponsor my portfolio" has found the author of the "PS4 Slim". The renders are not from Sony, but from an italian designer. The site interviewed him and discovered that he did it because he "wanted to draw the attention of Sony".

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Bleucrunch1416d ago

He drew attention...pretty clever if you ask me. Kudos!

PerrynAybara1416d ago

Yeah, he plans everything, also some exit strategies to inform medias that was himself the author!

Clunkyd1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

That was exactly my thoughts, Its just a designer getting his name out there, which is smart.

Svinya1416d ago

Too bad he made it so damn ugly..

stuna11416d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious Sony wasn't about to release a slimmer version of the PS4! Why would they? They are in a very comfortable position now as sales are concerned. They would have to invest money they've made into a total redesign of the PS4, which in my opinion is totally unnecessary.

Most of the times a slimmer version of a console are even considered necessary is to promote a spurt in sales! Something that Sony doesn't need at this time. I don't foresee a slimmer version coming out for at least 2 years, which by estimation would be the halfway point of the consoles life span.

PerrynAybara1416d ago

Yeah, sure thing, but the fact that Sony doesn't need a PS4 Slim now, it doesn't mean that Sony doesn't have a PS4 Slim project or model in his hands yet to use when it's useful. The original story was about the potential leak of that model, not that Sony was ready to release the console soon!

BattleTorn1416d ago

" h i r e m e "

That's clever AF

Nucler1001416d ago

Pretty cool, Isn't it a little too early for a slim anyway? I'll be getting one down the line though, when there really IS a slim lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.