The 2DS Is The Best Value In Gaming Right Now

Nintendo Enthusiast writer Mike D. makes a case for the value of the 2DS, the "best value in gaming right now".

"In the age of gaming devices doing their best to look like serious, “adult” pieces of consumer electronics, a transparent 2DS is a proud exclamation of retro gaming allegiance."

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MasterCornholio1330d ago

I did buy one and I highly recommend it. Its a pretty nice system at a great price.


DarXyde1330d ago

No thanks, I eat my toast, I don't play with it.

I jest, buddy. ;0)

Bhuahahaha1330d ago

im with you
at first i really hate the design but when i got a hold on it. its really feel comfy

WeAreLegion1330d ago

It's great, but I like 3D too much.

caseh1330d ago

I've never really paid attention to the 2DS before but after having a proper look at the pictures, I have to say it is possibly the ugliest hand held consoles ive ever seen.

desolationstorm1330d ago

Original DS
Sega Nomad
Nokia N-gage

List goes on and on. 2DS isn't a beauty but far from the ugliest handheld ever.

The original DS felt like a rushed prototype.

caseh1330d ago

Oh god, the Nomad and N-gage are f*%&ing UGLY haha!

I can forgive the original DS design compared to some of these.

desolationstorm1330d ago

I can forgive it because I never bought it haha. Just felt rushed in terms of design and launch software. Just night and day between Original DS and DS Lite.

DragoonsScaleLegends1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

As far as getting the most value for your money I would probably give the torch to PlayStation TV bundle for $99. That has a $40 game, $50 controller, and a $80 console. If anything the 2DS is still over priced with that weak hardware. But if I were you I wouldn't get either of those consoles.

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