The Wii U third-party 'problem' isn't as big as you think

Dealspwn writes: "But when most people talk about the "lack of third-party support," they are of course referring to the Battlefields, the Call Of Duties, the FIFAs, Thieves, Far Cries, Crews and the the rest of the AAA brigade. Many believe that the Wii U is worse off without them, but personally speaking, I'm not convinced in the slightest."

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FuzzyPixels1418d ago

Agree with you on the third-party issue. No one bought a Wii U for Call of Duty, but the point about filling in the gaps is well made. Nintendo are terrible at blowing their own trumpet, let alone anyone else's, but they need to be doing more to attract anyone looking to forego traditional publishing.

Blues Cowboy1418d ago

Yeah, that's the key. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, they just need to keep the flow of smaller/boutique multiplats coming to fill in the gaps.

Ninty exclusives tend to last for ages, too.

Griever1418d ago

Yes, that is true but do we have to accept that as a universal fact? Why cant Nintendo change that and widen the appeal of their home consoles by courting third parties? Their home console sales (except Wii) are proof enough that the lack of third party is a major problem. Wouldn't it be better if more people bought a Nintendo home console for all their gaming needs instead of just a few exclusives?

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


Why can't they?

Well, because it's not entirely up to Nintendo, of course.

Nintendo can offer them a cutting-edge system with great internet capabilities and all the bells and whistles third parties could ever ask for, but it wouldn't do jack to help them earn sales at this point, because the average Nintendo gamer no longer trusts third parties to bring their multiplats over the right way.

There's no trust there.
And that will continue killing high sales chances for third party games unless those third parties do something about it, regardless of what Nintendo does.

And then you have the people who, if the games really were exactly as good as their counterparts, would just look and say "so it's the exact same game, right? Why should I get a whole new system when I can just stick with Sony/Microsoft, like I've done the past two or three gens?"

To convince THOSE people, third parties would need to take a risk with their Nintendo console ports by providing exclusive content.
But we both know that they don't want to do that.

So unless both of those things change, on the end of third parties, we aren't going to see Nintendo recover multiplat strength regardless of how powerful their next system is.

It's a hard thing to accept, but it's got solid and undeniable logic behind it; the sales of the few multiplats on the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U are proof enough of that.

higgins781418d ago

Gaps!? How much time do some people have. Buying 1st party games alone for the Wii U last year I still struggled to find the time to delve properly into each. Outside work, family and other activities/hobbies...

I'm starting to think some people have more time on their hands than I can fathom.

kwandar1418d ago

I'm with you. Have lots of great games on the Wii U. My problem is finding time to play them all.

Magicite1418d ago

I think 3rd parties were never selling point for Nintendo systems.
And there is no lack, but absence of 3rd parties on WiiU, with Project Cars being last noteworthy.

Moonman1418d ago

Actually, ALL of Nintendo's "problems" were NEVER as big as anyone made them. They make profit! :)

Blues Cowboy1418d ago

And do so without annualising games like SSB, while focusing on quality software.

Moonman1418d ago


And I am not saying they don't need third party support, just the unique and quality ones. Even some exclusive ones with the same amazing quality as their first party. They don't need each and every single third party game to be a success. That is Sony's plan. Sony takes all the good and the bad with third party. But it works for them obviously.

And also their handhelds get most of the third party support reserved in that space. In Japan, it gets a majority of support over any handheld rivals. It's a balancing act between their home consoles and handhelds.

Again, Nintendo and success does NOT mean selling the most hardware units. They always do in the handheld space but it will just depend on the generation how Nintendo/Sony/MS do. Can't always be the top dog. But Nintendo makes a profit off their home console business each and every generation.

mcstorm1418d ago

Your spot on and ive said this for a long time. Nintendo don't need to sell 80 million consoles to make big money as they have some of the best selling games each gen that have legs longer than others on Sony's and Microsoft's consoles.

The one thing that has changes is how people play gaming. People seem to love FPS games and YOY fps and Sports games seem to sell millions but this tends to be the none core gamers who just want pickup and play games with their friends.

I also think because of the way Nintendo make their games they will be in the home console business for a long time to come and so far for me the WiiU has by far the best 1st part games our of the 3 consoles.

CloudRap1418d ago

Bayonetta and Xenoblade do the WiiU more justice than gimped versions of COD and GTA none the less Nintendo will have to focus on third party for the next console if they want to be #1.

SteamPowered1418d ago

Bayonetta 2 was not a great seller on the Wii U. This was not the vindication that 3rd parties were looking for. COD and GTA are proven sellers time and again.
I feel Xenoblade will be headed the same path: Great game with poor sales due to being on the Wii U.

Blues Cowboy1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

But likely great games with enough sales to cover their costs, pay their devs and make a modest return.

Rather than being overhyped, overmarketed, overdeveloped and made to insane spiralling budgets.

EDIT: You make a good point SteamPowered (above and below), just wanted to offer a slightly different point of view.

SteamPowered1418d ago


There arent too many Devs looking for Modest Returns though. Why would they be lured to the Wii U if they will break even or hope for a profit?
One of Nintys biggest problems is UNDERHYPING stuff! Nobody knew what the hell a Wii U was when it launched and their games are woefully underadvertised. Nintendo needs to pull its self out of 1990 and stop relying on word of mouth.

kwandar1418d ago

Great seller? Depends who you believe. VG Chartz at 600K+ or the "rumor" that NPD has them at 135K in North America.

Either way ..... sources aren't the best.

higgins781417d ago

No, not due to being on the Wii U. Bayonetta - on initial release - sold terribly, even being available for 2 popular consoles. I - as I'm sure you are aware - could give you a list of great games which never made a dent, sale's wise.

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OmegaShen1418d ago

An yet it's behind two consoles that haven't been out as long as Wii U and PS4 is selling really well with the lack of first party titles.

Nintendo needs to do something about it and the problems with getting dlc's, all this is must likely why Nintendo said they are making a new console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

No, Nintendo has said they're making a new console, because it's their habit to always have the next system's ideas in the pipe-line soon after the release of their latest one.
It wasn't spurred on by sales, and it's not coming before 2017, at the EARLIEST.

And its sales don't reflect the quality of their games.
They're the whipping boy in a popularity contest; their games are more than great enough to justify the current price of the system.

But Nintendo can only do so much for third parties; at some point, third parties need to step up their own game on Nintendo's systems.
Nintendo can't force them to develop their games the exact same way that they do for other systems, with all content included.
That's on third parties.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago

Sorry, Shen, but Nintendo has said so themselves, regarding how they plan out their consoles.

And what I said about third parties?
Prove me wrong.
Show me that third parties didn't cut out content in many of their multiplats, and burn down bridges to the fans, over old grudges against Nintendo's past spartan treatment of them.

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