Joystiq Poll: Who do you want to hear about at E3?

Joystiq writes: "So, we're going to E3 in about a week, but we want you know who we're going for, dear reader: You. It's all for you. Even after doing so many lines of complimentary coke off of Peter Moore's tattooed bicep that we start agreeing that it's probably best if no other companies make sports games, we've still got your best interest at heart. Sort of.

It's to that end that we want to take a moment to ask you what publishers you want to hear about at E3, where you rank your interest. Let us know who you're the most pumped about and we promise to keep it in mind when we're scheduling our coverage, no matter how many Lamborghinis made from foie gras Microsoft tries to give us. (Spoiler alert: It will be seven ... at least.)"

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OgTheClever3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

This has kind of gone to hell, with lots of Crash Bandicoot, since I submitted it a couple of hours ago.

SL1M DADDY3731d ago

I thought about adding something on-topic but with all the spam going on there I decided not to. What's up with that list?

OgTheClever3731d ago

Basically, you give the users unlimitted control and bad things happen.