Dragon’s Dogma Online will be three times bigger than Dragon’s Dogma

The team behind Capcom’s free-to-play sequel reveal some more details, including what sounds like a pretty big game world.

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DarkOcelet1416d ago

This is such a huge BS. Nobody asked for Dragon Dogma Online, everyone wanted a proper single player sequel. Why cant developer understand this? This is just like Elder Scrolls Online, it was made when no one asked for it. Those resources could have went and made a sequel and would have been successful, Sigh. I dont know how these companies think sometimes but it can really result in a pretty stupid idea.

thekhurg1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Actually, thousands upon thousands of people asked for online functionality in elderscrolls games, dating to Morrowind's release.

What they DIDN'T ask for, was a subscription fee.

AnotherProGamer1416d ago

You can still play it single player

Razjin1416d ago

So much for any type a fan base I for one will at least try it out since it's F2P and ohhhhhh the micro-transactions will be so horrifying now I do understand how capcom does most things sometimes but i'm not expecting the same result for every game. Also this will be a PlayStation console exclusive and pc game so I have more hope that they want this to be as successful as possible. You may have not have ask for it but it's really not a choice of the matter but the reality that studios will put out games that they kinda.....want to make.