PLAY preview: Tomb Raider Underworld

The biggest problem with the last Tomb Raider game, namely Legend, was that tombs – as in proper, ancient, archaelogically intriguing locations – were woefully underrepresented. The game was called Tomb Raider, therefore PLAY felt entitled to raid more than a paltry handful of tombs, temples and crypts. Tomb Raider: Legend was a decent sort of game as a whole, but it wasn't the classic Tomb Raider they had been promised. Its measly ten levels passed by in just a day and a half, leaving them feeling completely underwhelmed.

Everything Eidos has shown PLAY of Tomb Raider: Underworld so far has been geared towards persuading them that this time the series really is going back to its classic roots. But isn't that the same promise that was made about Legend? Yes it is. Hmmm…

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