The Witcher 3's Art Producer: "No Downgrade, We're Optimizing In A Way That Doesn't Affect Visuals"

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases in a couple of months and last week, CD Projekt RED held an event to showcase the latest build of its title. Our dear friends over at Enternity attended that event and interviewed the game’s Art Producer, Michal Stec, who told them that its visuals have not been downgraded."

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jriquelme_paraguay1388d ago

This game looks like Dragon Age Inquisition.

DarkOcelet1388d ago

I think this game will be better in every single category. Especially in terms of visuals. DAI looks good but this looks Fantastic.

thekhurg1388d ago

I doubt it'll be better in dialog. Bioware are amazing at that.

Everything else though - yep.

DarkOcelet1388d ago

The Witcher dialogue is pretty good too btw. And the characters were great in it. Dare i say, better than Dragon Age but that is just an opinion.

tlougotg1388d ago

Please dont jinx it because i found DA utterly boring and repetitive.

Damn thats why i love my Souls games, not repetitive at all and straight up Action RPG in the best regard.

die_fiend1388d ago

This will be way better than Dragon Age. The game was good, but the way you go to a region, grind it out, then never return isn't that fulfilling really. Had a much better time walking around Skyrim, as there's a much better sense of exploration.

And graphically, this game will be absolutely nailing Dragon Age, not that DA is a bad looking game but are you blind?! This looks amazing compared! These guys are known for making the best looking games, this'll be no different. And this is actually open world unlike DA.

Forn1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

The game looks downright incredible, especially considering the scale of it. Art direction in particular is superb. I also love how alive the world feels. Can't wait to play it.

Walker1388d ago

lol what ? the Downgrade is pretty obvious and HUGE compared to last year E3 trailers ! geralt's movment animations are pretty lame and simple too

DarkOcelet1388d ago

The PS4\Xbox settings are High and for an open world bigger than Skyrim, its looks pretty damn good.


Even if it ships 900p on X1, I will be happy! The game like you said looks crazy good for a game that size and a draw distance that is unreal!

guyman1388d ago

You heard it straight from the horses mouth people. Mr walker, a developer for the witcher 3, has said there is a massive visual downgrade, proving his colleague in this article incorrect.

Maxor1388d ago

No downgrade huh? That must be why they only show the version running 980 GTX SLI.

annoyedgamer1388d ago

At some point you are going to have to face reality that consoles are low-end PCs that have held games back for years. Crysis 1 from 2007 with mods still looks better than any game released today. And it stands reason since it was one of the last games built from the ground up on PC before the console boom.

snookiegamer1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Downgrade or Not ...I'm very satisfied with what I've seen so far ;)

Dragon Age Inq. (IMO) is totally awesome! If The Witcher 3 can impress me more, it's a win, win far's I'm concerned. And since nobody buys my games for me *accept Birthdays/Xmas opinion is all that counts!

#lovegames x Kiss x

--bienio--1388d ago

100% agree;) Dragon Age Ing surprise me so yes come on May my Pc is ready for the witcher 3..

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