Project CARS PC vs PS4 Head2Head

Check out a graphics comparison between Project CARS on PC and PS4.

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1413d ago
supraking9511413d ago

i love how its always pc vs ps4, never pc vs xbone lol

ABizzel11413d ago

There's really no point, the PS4 has the better GPU, so when it comes to graphics the PS4 squeezes out the most for the consoles.

OT: The PC version has better textures, higher poly car models, and much better Anti-Aliasing. The PS4 version is nice, but this is one of those games where if you have the PC to run it, you should definitely be getting it on PC.

If your PC doesn't really have the power to run it, buy a GTX 750 Ti and now you have a gaming PC.

Svinya1412d ago

It's probably because some people STILL think that a ps4 is a high end pc..

And btw, there's way more of a difference between a nice pc and a ps4 than there is between the X1 and the PS4..

ooquis1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

$399 console VS $1000+ PC = PS4 for the win.....PS4 is a BEAST!!!

Svinya1405d ago

Ooqui - no dorkmaster. Ps4 can't beat a properly built $1000 pc.

Gamer19821413d ago

This game looks meh at 1080p.. GT6 and Forza looks better.. Makes me more excited for GT7 and future racing games blowing graphic fidelity out of the water.. Nobody makes cars look better than Polyphony Digital. Though so far this gen Driveclub and Forza looks amazing! They got a job to do!

NuggetsOfGod1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Lol ur a straight up graphics whore lol

Frame rate at 60 is awsome.

I think this for true racing fans.

Why not just drive in real life for the best graphics?

Also project cars does have $80M to make the game but it still looks good.

Gt is good for thoughs who hate car damage. Realistic bumper car style.

Gamers with your mentality is the exact reason 99.8% of console games push 1080p graphics and drop frames to 30fps.

Or 1080p 24-30fps like gta5.

Console gamers of today are much different than they used to be.

ZeroX98761413d ago

I enjoy games for what they are, not because my PC can run it better than my PS4.

Some enjoy having a cheaper hardware and still get some great gaming session, even if it means not running all games with graphic settings to Ultra.

ABBAJESUS1413d ago

It would help if we would know what specs pc has.


This game is beautiful in 4k. I Played it on that setting for the first time yesterday on my new gtx 970. will never go back to 1080p if I don't have too.

I_am_Batman1413d ago

Don't expect your GTX 970 to run games in 4k on a regular basis though. 1440p is probably the sweet spot for it right now if you want to keep the framerate around 60fps and the quality around high-max.

Lon3wolf1413d ago

Exactly how I am going to run my 970 when my new 1440 monitor turns up, 4k gaming is still really multi GPU at the moment to get decent results.

Looks good in both examples in that vid in my opinion.

medman1413d ago

Wake me up for 8k....4k is so 2014. You resolution chasers are so silly.

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