Capcom: 'No plans' to release Dragon's Dogma Online in the West

"Dragon's Dogma Online sounded sketchy its the free-to-play scheme and microtransactions angle. But I'll give anything a shot once, and who knows -- maybe it could have been great, right?

Well we probably won't get the chance to find out, as Capcom has informed Eurogamer "there are no plans to release [the game] in the west." Well, that's a bummer. It would have been an easy sell to download for free on the PS4, much less a PS3 or PC."

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AnotherProGamer1413d ago

That makes no sense

The game was clearly designed for the western audience with its traditional medieval setting and monsters, yet we won't get it -__-

NiteX1413d ago

Clearly they hate us.

PS1080p60fps1413d ago

Blame on the Western Haters for hurting Capcom's feelings all these time, making the rest of us unable to play it.

Godmars2901413d ago

More to the point: didn't the game sell better in the West?

monreader1413d ago

It doesn't make sense either when you consider that Capcom trademarked the game in Europe and the USA.

remixx1161413d ago

Yeah and isn't PC gaming much bigger in the west as well......this game seems like its gonna die from lack of community if they don't localize it.

Cueil1413d ago

F2P games are actually much bigger in the East

DaGodKing1413d ago

no i think its does to capcom at least.. for now they can try to get someone to foot the bill to bring to the west..clever if you ask me.. ;p

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Nicominoru1413d ago

Ugh, Capcom is so damn frustrating to deal with. Don't even know why I bother anymore. They parade Deep Down around to the Western Audience at Playstation 4 Events delay it indefinitely and begin saying they still aren't sure about a Western release.

Then news starts floating around about Dragon's Dogma Online...Sony console exclusivity and PC release and I figure oh well even though they say it's F2P I'll still try it out. I can deal, I barely buy DLC anyway...turns out it's not coming to America.


caseh1413d ago

There was never any confirmation for Deep Down in the West (that i'm aware of at least, it was always 'under consideration'). I think most people assumed it would happen because the trailers that were flaunted at launch had English language.

Blackleg-sanji1413d ago

O capcom ._.Right up there with square enix

Aleithian1413d ago

Seriously, who's running Capcom? Who makes these decisions? Are they trying to piss off gamers and bankrupt themselves?

I'll try it through my Japanese account when it comes out.

caseh1413d ago

"Seriously, who's running Capcom?"

Probably Sega judging by the decisions they've made recently.

telekineticmantis1413d ago

If you have an exclusivity deal, why wouldn't you want it to pay off by giving the product the wider consumer audience by releasing it in the biggest or second biggest market, which is the West(America really)? Sony never makes any sense with their business decisions.

guyman1413d ago

"Sony never makes any sense with their business decisions"

ROTFL!! This has got to be the most desperate trolling i've ever seen

Revengeance1413d ago

It's Sony's fault for a decision Capcom made?


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