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Digitally Downloaded:
"Resident Evil, the original PlayStation 1 classic, is responsible for moulding me into the bravest of precociously chiselled boys. A frail representation of awkward 1996 childhood, I had no clue as to what I was screaming myself into when I, with my best friend and his mother, picked up a copy of the game from our local Blockbuster Video."

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lipton1011413d ago

They stayed true to the game and I love them for it. They adapted it to fit perfectly with widescreen televisions. They touched up the lighting. There's all new character and player models. There's amazing surround sound now. They altered the control scheme to fit with the fixed camera angles - which was probably extremely difficult because they would have to go frame by frame through every angle to precisely program the movement, scrutinizing every step. Pay attention to the finest of details. The excellent core game is intact and the surrounding details were crafted with precision. This is what a remake should be. The game was almost perfect in 2002, and for me, it's now crossed that threshold with the updated re-release. The devil is in the details my friend.