Need more Resident Evil? Of course you do

The start of 2015 is loaded with undead, franchise favorites and fresh AAA titles alike, even games of old made new again, and I couldn’t be happier.

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The_Sage1178d ago

Nope... After 4, it's all crap.

kayoss1178d ago

Are we talking about the movies or games?

Vandamme211177d ago

I want resident evil 7 and I want Leon s. Kennedy to be the main character.

TheZeroReview1177d ago

Yes! And have if be just like the old school games, RE-HD is so freaking good, Capcom should take the hint and make more games like that again.

Multiplatguy1177d ago

While the video games don't really feel like Resident Evil anymore; I am still thoroughly enjoying them all. Revelations 2 and a possible Resi 2 remake could still hold promise for the franchise.

The movies however.. They need to end.

MasterD9191177d ago

The next film is the last one but I wouldn't count out a reboot a few years down the later.

Multiplatguy1177d ago

I believe I recall hearing that a reboot is already planned. They don't waste any time.

But new director, new cast and new story? I would be willing to give it a chance. They should scratch the next film and just get to the reboot in my opinion.