Why The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is probably going to blow you away

Vic B'Stard writes: "So there I sat, with the lovely animated intro to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt playing out in front of me, about to embark on the first three hours of CD Projekt RED’s RPG threequel.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is one of the year’s most eagerly awaited games. Originally due for release in 2014, the game was initially delayed until February 2015, before being pushed back to 19 May.

Whilst I’d seen the game in action a few times, this three hour preview was to be my first time actually hands-on and in control of the witcher, Geralt of Rivia for his third outing.

As much as I was looking forward to playing the game, I was also somewhat apprehensive. How on earth can you form any sort of meaningful opinion after playing only three hours of a game likely to take up the best part of 100 hours of your life to “complete”?

Well, as far as I’m concerned you can’t."

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snookiegamer1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Aw yup, I don't doubt that for a NYC minute x Glad you enjoyed your first 3hrs Vic B'Stard.

Enjoyed reading the Article ;o)


ShugaCane1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

what ??

Anyway, so far the game looks amazing. Can't wait to play it.

Magicite1389d ago

I would replace probably with definately.

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nowitzki20041389d ago

It will "blow me" away alright.

Nerdmaster1389d ago

After buying the first and the second game a few days after each were released, and getting disappointed by both (mainly because of the battle, skill and potion crafting systems), I'll read reviews and watch many videos before deciding to buy the 3rd one. And even then, I'll probably wait for a price drop.

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destroyer116871389d ago

I too gave up on the second one about four hours in. I was tired of dying so much and the combat just seemed complicated and frustrating. I laid the controller down and walked away. The next day I just had to try again because the world itself seemed very interesting. I'm very glad I pushed through the next couple hours because it has now become one of my favorite games. I would recommend giving it a go again. Geralt becomes more powerful and combat isn't so hard, and things just clicked together for me. The beginning is rough and anyone who says otherwise is lying, IMO. Push through it and I think you'll find you will love it. I could be wrong but I'm not the only one to say it.

Nerdmaster1389d ago

I'll try it for the third time in the future, specially since I bought a GTX 980 and I'll be able to play it in 3D, but I want to (start and) finish Dragon Age Inquisition first. I decided to finish the first two Dragon Ages (or at least finish the first one and go as far as I can stand the 2nd one) before playing Inquisition to remember the story and all, so it's taking quite a bit of my free time.

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