2015 is EA’s year - If they don’t stuff it up

MWEB GameZone writes: 2015 could be the year EA works it’s way back into the good graces of consumers. Their performance over the Christmas/New Year period has been stellar and their line-up for 2015 looks very promising. What could go wrong?

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HanCilliers1048d ago

So with free-to-start they give, but on the other hand they take. Then there's the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline launch, if that fails like BF4, then I doubt anything else will matter.

lord zaid1048d ago

I'm hoping EA will be smart enough to see the error of their ways. They've been really good last year, barring DKM, perhaps they can keep it going.

UKmilitia1048d ago

EA cant work there way into peoples like list,not matter how much ubisoft screw up,because at end of it all EA started it all imo

with season pass,dlc,online passes,selling shortcuts.

i will always hate EA for everything they have supported thats to milk gamers even more.

CloudRap1048d ago

Ubisoft is the new EA so they dont have much to worry about as long as Hardline and Battlefront work at launch.

Sillicur1048d ago

If EA can pull it off, all the more power to them. I still have my doubts, but i think at least they wont be nominated as the worst company in the US this year :)

linkenski1048d ago

Mass Effect 4 isn't out this year. 2016 will be the year to prove EA doesn't have an iron-grip on their developers and their products aren't rushed.

What's even out this year? FIFA 16? Battlefield Hardline? I'm not really feeling the hype.

Maxor1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Actually 2015 should be a slow year for them. But they really need to crank out a beefy DA:Inquisition DLC though. Something similar to the Origins: Awakening DLC would be nice.

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