TPCG Interview: David Perry

Stalwart developer David Perry is racing towards a shiny new gaming frontier.

Have you ever said something and then instantly regretted it? Like, perhaps, announcing that you are going to effectively create the biggest game studio that the world has ever seen, manned by tens of thousands of volunteers? And that these people will all sit in their homes and help to produce a massively multiplayer online racing game?

If David Perry, the legendary games producer, has had any doubts about the project – dubbed Project: Top Secret, even though the beans were spilled months ago – then he has not come forth with them just yet. His passion for gaming, drawn on experience spanning a quarter of a century, means he is in a perfect position to push on with his plan. He has enough confidence (some jealous commentators would say "arrogantly so") in his own abilities to be able to make it a success.

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