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"Techland's latest foray into the zombie apocalypse is well worth playing."

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plsburydoughboy1391d ago

Interesting that you get experience for parkour.

DarkOcelet1391d ago

Not bad, will be getting it very soon.

rawrock1391d ago

Cant wait to start playing this week!

MusashiBlack1391d ago

There's a few glitches here and there but the gameplay is solid. Great way to start off the new year

DarkOcelet1391d ago

Yeah, 2015 seems to be a very damn solid year.

Resident Evil Remaster was a masterpiece
Grim Fandago was just as awesome as i remember it
Dying light looks epic

The goodies keeps on rolling.

Magicite1391d ago

Year starts with zombies.

isa_scout1391d ago

For people on the fence I'd say go out right now and pick it up. I absolutely love this game. I'm only about 6 hours in, but it's quite possibly the best co-op game I've played in years. Get a few friends together and you'll have trouble putting this game down. Sure, the first 2 hours you're relatively weak, but once you start crafting and upgrading your character it really starts to open up.

Neonridr1391d ago

sounds like Destiny... ;)

isa_scout1391d ago

Yeah a little, but this game does co-op so much better than Destiny in my opinion. Honestly, I get sort of a Skyrim with co-op and zombies vibe from it. The parkour is spot on to. It's so cool watching the traversal machanics in action while your friends jump and climb around.

Neonridr1391d ago

lol, I was just referring to how at the beginning of the game you suck, and once you finally get up to level 20 then the actual game begins.. ;)

This game does look interesting, I was hesitant because I did not like Dead Island. But I may give it a go.

I_am_Batman1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Would you say that it makes sense to play as 2 people or do you need more for the game to be enjoyable?

I'm asking because I've just build a new gaming PC and my mate wants to play something with me but we can't really decide on a game yet.

isa_scout1391d ago

Two people are just fine. I've played a couple hours with just me and one other friend and it was still an absolute blast.

FullmetalRoyale1391d ago

I am on PS4 and have been playing with my best friend. I'm sure with more people it is cool, but I love the feeling of us vs the world. He shouts "found a box"(think chest) and I go share it.

Or if he gets dropped, I am his only hope. It's a blast.

1nsomniac1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I wouldn't recommend anyone go out & blindly buy it right now on 1 persons opinion.

I'm 3 hours into the game & am really enjoying it but there are several bugs that I've found already including a game breaking bug that has the potential to completely ruin the game.

There are several areas where there is a lot of enemy scripting. Meaning it doesn't matter whether its pitch black your hiding & not making any noise. Zombies will know where you are & track you down. Zombies also spawn in the same place every time & sometimes continue to repeatedly spawn into a never ending horde mode.

The game breaking bug is that when you die it will restart you back to the last check point however it wont restore your items back to the state they were in at last checkpoint so if you've used up all your weapons & repair tools during a mission & you die. You will restart the mission from the last checkpoint with no weapons or repair tools. I'm currently stuck right in the middle of a quarantine tunnel that is labelled as hard difficulty with nothing to protect me at all while being spawned in a horde of super zombies.

isa_scout1391d ago

Man that sucks. I hope I don't run into any similar problems. I think you would agree though that it is much more technically sound than Dead Island though. Like I said I'm about 6 hours in, ad haven't ran I to any bugs at all. Hopefully it stays that way.

vikingland11391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


May I ask what system you are playing on?

zacisyoface1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Guess what guys?
I have this game as well and Diddo to what everyone else has said GOOD about this game. It really has been a while since I played a GREAT zombie game and MAN am I glad we have the chance.

In case any others are confused by what Insomniac has said, or you yourself are, that is no glitch.

He makes it sound way worse than it is.
What happens is the game doesnt have "Checkpoints" it works on the always progressing stage where if you die, Boom, You just pop up right back at the nearest safe house.
So if you happen to break all your good weapons, which almost always happens in the beginning which is why THEY LITERALLY GIVE YOU FIRECRACKERS for a Distraction.
Then you just search for more and your good to go.

Personally I like this. It really give a sense of realism to your choices.

Ps. Pretty sure absolutely nothing is scripted that just means your being way TOO LOUD .
Its not called Run around and be Loud LIGHT for a reason.

1nsomniac1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I'm playing on PC. There's also no save/load menu at all. So you rely 100% on your last autosave. Which means currently that if I can't find a way to get out of this quarantine tunnel I have to start all over again from the very beginning of the game, loosing 3 hours of gameplay.

@Zacisyoface is wrong! if you die you go back to the last check point if you're in a mission. All the dead bad guys respawn in the same positions & anything you've used or lost during that play through since the checkpoint including firecrackers is lost for good. Therefore as explained already I am spawned in a horde of super zombies. Even when crawling inside of a locked train carriage without my torch even on. Zombies will slowly start surrounding or moving towards the cart & will randomly somehow see through the steel walls & go into a rage without me even having to move.

I've explained my exact problem I don't understand how I could make it sound worse than it is?

It's a good game. Even though I hate day 1 patches it just needs it to fix the problems.

zacisyoface1391d ago

ONEnsomniac is wrong . . Again.

As i explained previously the weapons being permanently broken is not a bug.
Its a game design.

and a Checkpoint would pertain to a momentarily breather slash refresh spot in a mission which there isnt. Its just Get done with the whole mission or you have to start over.

Thats also Different.

Are you really gonna believe someone who calls a Flashlight a torch . .

BC_Master_Haze1391d ago

Sorry insomniac, but the skill gap is real, not every game will hold your hand, and it's not a bug.

Lol you must be one of those kids who complained about no autosave in Alien, thinking it was a bug :D

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