User Generated Content Is Not Sweatshop Labor

Ripten Writes: "N'Gai Croal, videogame and internet writer for Newsweek magazine, has determined that since Youtube, Spore, Little Big Planet, and Wikipedia are almost completely dependent on user generated content, this makes Web (and Game) 2.0 something like the 21st century equivalent of textile mills or coal mines. Sweatshop labor– really? Hyperbolic much?

N'Gai's been on the mark before– his "Who's Being Naive?" column is required reading if you want to begin to understand the complex and weirdly Hollywood relationship between game publishers and journalists– but I can't help but feel he's being a bit alarmist in talking about these modern-day online "sweatshops".

One quick point is that there are real sweatshops still in existence, and the conditions can't be better than the average Wikipedia editor's computer den. Those textile mills and coal mines may not be common in America anymore, but in the impoverished nations of the world, a day job creating Youtube clips probably sounds pretty sweet."

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Pornlord3731d ago

User generated content is a good idea. Just because N'gay isn't artistic (because if you are, then creating something is fun) doesn't mean that we all aren't.