Absinthe Games Claims Receiving C&D Letter From STRAFE Developers, Pixel Titans Responds

DSOGaming's Spencer writes: "I want to be very transparent with this article and to that end, what follows is alleged, we’ve reached out to Pixel Titans and Absinthe for this and both developer’s perspectives are included in this piece. With that out of the way, developer Absinthe maintains that they received a cease and desist from the developers behind Strafe (a game currently undergoing a kickstarter campaign), Pixel Titans. Absinthe were the developers of another game called Strafe, the issue is it seems Absinthe had announced their Strafe some time before Pixel Titans had announced theirs."

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GokuSolosAll1364d ago

Just slightly alter the names. The Strafes, Strafing, Strafer, Strafes/z, Straph, Ztraph. Ztraf. Get creative.

1364d ago