'Far Cry 4' Is an Adventure Game, Not a Shooter

Far Cry 4 looks and plays like a shooter, but it doesn't feel like a shooter. It is really about my quest for collectibles and the chaos that erupts along the way.

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Gamer19821388d ago

It is fun but it is an adventure/shooter. I don't get what this writer is trying to get at. Mass Effect is a shooter/RPG as is other dual genre games. Shooter is no longer its own genre just like RPG.

InMyOpinion1388d ago

And so much game for the money. Spent 30 hours on the first map just to realize there's another one just as big waiting to be explored.

yuukiliu1388d ago

I Actually think the shooting is amazing fun in this game. Quietly clearing an outpost with my sniper is exciting. Wiping out waves of enemies with my OP LMG is a hoooot. And taking out a charging rhino with my bolt gun is way more exciting than it should be. Might be my all time favorite FPS. So much to do. And a great variety of weapons to do it with.

bloodybutcher1388d ago

So it is worth a purchase, according to you? I've been on a fence ever since it came out and cannot make up my mind. Loved the fc3 though.

Gamer19821388d ago

If you love FC3 you will love FC4 FC4 is actually better than FC3 it actually fixes all the issues FC3 had and adds cool stuff like online co-op for everything apart from story missions (so you can co-op base taking, side missions etc). I had a lot of fun finishing it and getting my platinum.

EvilWay1388d ago

It's a crap game same as far cry 3 in a new area

Gamer19821388d ago

You have no idea what your talking about.

EvilWay1388d ago

Obviously you never played it. There is nothing different except you can climb cliffs. The story is also worse

spicelicka1387d ago

Far cry 3 was amazing so if it's the same it's also amazing...

MilkMan1388d ago

Game is dope. Keep making them Ubi, just dont milk the sh!t out of it.

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