The Best Video Game Cat Is…

MTV Multiplayer Writes:"It's time to let the cat out of the bag.

After our judges and readers have helped us choose the greatest horse, canine, bird, aquatic creature, and reptile/amphibian, this month they helped us decide which virtual feline is the best one of all video games.

Our regular animal judges - Capcom senior producer Morgan Gray, I Can Has Cheezburger co-founder Tofuburger and Kotaku news editor Leigh Alexander - are joined by Evan Narcisse, freelance game journalist for Crispy Gamer, Entertainment Weekly and the Washington Post.

And the winner is…

First place for the judges, was Blanca from "Animal Crossing," followed by "Final Fantasy VII'"s Red XIII. There was a two-way tie for third place with Felicia from "Darkstalkers" and Mew 2 from Pokemon. As for Multiplayer readers, there were a lot of votes for various cats, but Blanca was the clear winner. Read on to see who each judge chose and why."

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Lucreto3690d ago

RED XIII is a cat I thought it is a wolf.