Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Trilogy Lands on the Wii U eShop Tomorrow

For those of you that have defied the odds and are unaware, in the most recent Nintendo Direct a few weeks ago there was the surprise announcement of Wii U eShop digital re-releases for some of the Wii's best games. So far we've had the phenomenal Super Mario Galaxy 2 followed by the excellent Donkey Kong Country Returns for Europe, with the latter countered by the formidable Punch-Out!! in North America.

If all that wasn't enough, as of tomorrow (29th January) you'll be able to download the sublime Metroid Prime Trilogy, which like the first two games will temporarily be sold for the bargain price of £8.99 / €9.99 / $9.99. In our Metroid Prime Trilogy review back in 2009 we awarded the game a solid 10/10 and concluded by saying "Retro has done a bang-up job in creating a polished compilation of their brand of Metroid games, which are considered some of the best adventures around. If you haven't experienced Tallon IV, Aether or become corrupt, you owe it to yourself to get on this, and veterans can still find enough thrills and upgrades to make Trilogy a worthwhile endeavour".

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rawrock938d ago

So glad this is happening, hope Xenoblade comes next! People who buy games just to re-sell ay higher prices are the worst...

Summons75938d ago

Xenoblade isn't happening or else why bother with the New 3DS port. They won't draw attention away from that. Last Story is a good possibility.

stragomccloud938d ago

They may bring it out eventually, but not until long after the New 3DS port.

Yodagamer938d ago

People who are going to buy the new 3ds for xenoblade are buying it purely for portability. Anybody who wants xenoblade can already buy it cheaper than the new 3ds. If anything they would benefit for having it on both consoles and have it be the same price.

morganfell938d ago

I will be the first to admit that as soon as I saw this story I turned on my Wii U. I own the Trilogy on disc. Does anyone know if there are any changes to the digital versions? I would have no problem rebuying.

rawrock938d ago

I dont think there any changes to games...

morganfell938d ago

Thanks for the replay. I wish their were. I have been hoping for a dedicated Wii U Metroid title for some time.

Summons75938d ago

I think the only change is you dont need to go I to Wii mode and you can use the gamepad for procontroller support

morganfell938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Woah, really? If that procontroller support is there it is an immediate purchase. I greatly appreciate that information.

Edit: Just located this -

Concertoine938d ago

Yeah just in case you dont know, you can't use the gamepad or the pro controller just like the wii version.

saviin938d ago

Where did you find this out? The only thing I could find is that some games compatible with classic controller can use the game pad instead but I don't know what game that refers to.

Concertoine938d ago


I know because i have MPT, and it only supports the wiimote. Games that support the classic haven't come out yet.

Big_Game_Hunters937d ago

@morganfell it would be a crime to not play the prime games with the wiimote.

morganfell937d ago

I would agree. But I did so back on the Wii. Now I would prefer to relax with a cold pint and not have to sit up forward or stand.

Big_Game_Hunters936d ago

I guess you have a point, although ive never felt like i had to sit up or stand to play wiimote games. At leat for me it can be more relaxing because i can have my hands however i want, opposed to having both locked in one place.

morganfell936d ago

I play on a 65in 4K and I still am more comfortable with a standard controller. The times I do use an alternate controller (Wii mote or Move) it is for a different kind of game that simply would not function with a standard pad control, such as certain activity titles. For me, Heavy Rain is the one non-activity title where you simply have to use the Move because it changes the presentation so very much.

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GokuSolosAll938d ago

Why do you guys hate entrepreneurial capatalism? Grow up, people need to make money.

rawrock938d ago

So your the one who bought all the Shulk amiibos from Gamestop!! Damn it!!

crusf938d ago

Riddle me this: Why are companies doing a crap job not trying to seem greedy?

LightofDarkness938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Capitalism is not a perfect system, nor is it "the best we've got" or sacrosanct. You need to lay off the Fox News pipe.

GordonKnight937d ago

With a real job like the rest of us.

rainslacker937d ago

The game was ridiculously over-valued by re-sellers. It wasn't hard to find, but no one was willing to sell it for a reasonable price.

I was happy to buy the re-released version that GS screwed over the public on at $70, because I wasn't willing to buy this game at $150-200.

Nintendo limited the release on this game, so not everyone that wants to will get to play it if the price didn't go down, and it is a great game. The physical, original steel book version will retain it's value, but it'll likely go down to a more reasonable price, which the GS re-release had already started to do.

Things like a digital release have hurt things for resellers, and I'm happy for it, because for those of us who are actual collectors and keep our stuff, it allows us to buy things at market value, instead of what resellers feel it's worth.

In any case, this is Nintendo exercising their own capitalistic ventures. Capitalism is a cruel mistress, and if those entrepreneurial capitalist can't keep up, then they are probably doing it wrong to begin with. They should have turned over their product sooner, and not 5 years after the fact. 5 years later is speculative investment, not entrepreneurial capitalism.

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-Foxtrot938d ago

I just find it funny how we mostly all cry for Gamecube games or N64 releases yet we get this...something which was already released as it is on the Wii

donwel938d ago

I dunno, I never really got a chance to play the trilogy on GC or Wii as I didn't have many games for the former due to cash constraints with uni and never owned the latter, so really this is perfect for me.
Plus, considering the amount that the Wii discs are going for, £8.99 is a damn steal.

crusf938d ago

...and has now ceased factory production. In fact most Wii games will so I'm glad they are going with this approach. There's plenty of legroom for GameCube and N64 games in the future.

GordonKnight937d ago (Edited 937d ago )


We can play these games on the Wii U already. Nintendo we need GC & 64 games.

randomass171937d ago

You should be more thankful given how rare MPT apparently is. The last time I looked it up on eBay it was like $90.

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