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Iltapalanyymi1416d ago

i don't really use any of those but this is still pretty sad.

GribbleGrunger1416d ago

Why would they get rid of Near though? I find this very odd.

PoSTedUP1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

im bent on why they would get rid of youtube. how am i insantly gonna switch to watching a walk through from playing a game or vice versa? or instantly check out some gameplay while im on the store looking for a game to buy? bad move sony, thats pretty irresponsible of you. im tight.

XBLSkull1416d ago

Sounds like i'm not getting media functionality for my PS4 if the Vita can't even update youtube... anyone wanna buy a barely used PS4?

MasterCornholio1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


If you had one in the first place you could sell it.

Nice try but your not fooling anyone.

chippychan1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


Just use the web browser to check game walkthrough videos.

Seriously, I use my vita to check walkthroughs and other game help as well but in the couple years I've had my vita I've never needed to use any youtube app since videos work just fine using the browser.

Never used maps, so no loss, and Near never worked for me (I live in a pretty remote area) so again, no loss.


WTH??? First foursquare and no Maps, Near, And YouTube? I backed up foursquare on my harddrive a year ago before its removal but nsince that date I didn't touch my vita. I cna backup youtube but maps and near can't be backed up. Sony is really losing support for the Vita and that saddens me very much.

PoSTedUP1416d ago

@chippychan: the browser with youtube was always horrible for me. but i guess that was way back when; i just tried it and its fine, they mustve improved it over the years.

i just found a good deal on a kindle firle i was gonna use for youtube bc of this news. guess ill keep it and start buying books digitally from now on or something. plus now i can tap into the mobile android/ios market ^_^

user55757081416d ago

well other than near you can get the other apps on a smart phone that is more easily accessible.

I'm sure they gathered plenty of data and saw the apps were not being used much at all on the vita

danny8181415d ago

Well its probably because is was abused attimes. My niece that was 10 years old was being harassed by some creep. She showed me and I followed the convo as being her. He ende dup asking me "Do you like older men" I tried to meet him so I can beat his ass and call the police but he ended up knowing it wasn't her anymore. I called Sony and complained

SilentNegotiator1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'll give you $400 imaginary dollars for your imaginary Ps4.

Welp, Sony is working towards dropping Vita. If they're not even going to put the effort in to save the Youtube app (even if you can still watch it in the browser, how cheap would Sony have to be to not keep up with the app?), it's doubtful that they're going to do much with it anymore. Vita has been a real waste of potential. I hope that Sony doesn't give up on handhelds after this, but they'll definitely need to be change things up to be successful if they do.

rainslacker1415d ago

I don't think they're getting rid of Youtube, I think that they aren't adding the necessary requirements for the new YouTube API to work on the Vita. This means that Google can't update their app to work.

Either that or Google actively decided not to update their app on Vita, but of course no one will admit that it's not Sony's responsibility to offer these apps, and is on the companies that make them to do so. Sony should of course work with these companies to try and get them, but they can't force the issue.

As far as Near, I don't know. I could never figure out the purpose of it myself, and seems to be pretty pointless, although Im sure people do use it, since I've seen users on it.


Seems odd you would have so many devices just for media functionality given how much you use the X1 for it, and that you would sell your PS4 because of it. Just proves that games really mean nothing to you. many times have you sold your PS4 already? Seems you keep coming back. Sounds like you aren't a very savvy consumer if you keep making the same mistake of buying the console over and over again, despite it never having what you are looking for.

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sobotz1416d ago

I use YouTube often on Vita. It's a pretty lame news.

OB1Biker1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

its only the app isnt it? I never use apps and prefer to bookmark the youtube site instead even on PS4

'The YouTube application for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) will no longer be supported after 20 April 2015, and the application will cease to be available for download from PlayStation®Store on 28 January, 2015.

Users can continue to enjoy YouTube via the "Browser" application, and will be able to access their YouTube data, such as playlists and channels, by signing in to the same Google account via the "Browser" app and on other devices'

PoSTedUP1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

me too, and yeah thisis disappointing.

@ob1biker- vita has youtube on its browser but it hardly works, i can honestly say it doesnt work at all. and if you have anything else open while using javascript, the browser hardly works itself. itll keep refreshing itself every 5 seconds.

Snookies121415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I agree completely, I'm really mad about this. EVERYTHING these days has a YouTube app. I used my Vita's a lot, and I considered the Vita's app to be the best I've used (Out of the other systems/handheld devices)

Wow, they're stopping support right on my birthday, that's nice lol.

Skate-AK1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

That's pretty lame. Sony wasted money developing Vita since they are barely supporting it.

Edited my original post.

Skate-AK1416d ago

Good thing most of them are exclusive..not console ports. Oh wait...

Th4Freak1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

He was talking about Sony, not 3rd party, actually if it wasn't for Japanese studios and 3rd party publishers the Vita would be dead. Its funny and sad at the same time that Sony lost $1.2 billions in the mobile market in 2014 but they can't invest $10m to market the Vita and support it.

morganfell1416d ago

I do not think Sony has supported the Vita to the Nth degree but acting as if the Vita does not currently and is not projected to have backing as well as a substantial games library is utter nonsense.

ShutUpDonny1416d ago

@Skate-AK. Who cares? Most of those games are the kind I want on the road anyway, not on my TV.

gokuking1415d ago

@Skate-AK How many PS4 games are actually exclusive to PS4? I think you can count that number on one hand right now. If people are fine with that, why can't they be okay with Vita having a lot of multi-platform games?

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TimeSkipLuffy1416d ago

They decided to make a handheld console a remote play / streaming handheld... T___T I really want another exclusive Uncharted for my little device T____T so sad

Perjoss1416d ago

We were supposed to get Bioshock, it was talked about ages ago, instead it went to ios, makes perfect sense, its not like the Vita has 2 thumbsticks or anything.

TimeSkipLuffy1416d ago

I would love to play a side story of Bioshock on the Vita.... hell even a port would be great! :D

gokuking1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

... That's not at all what happened. Ken Levine wanted to design a strategy role-playing game set in the Bioshock universe for Vita. iOS got a port of the first game. Might I add that said port received horrible reviews.

rainslacker1415d ago

No Bioshock game was ever announced for Vita. Ken Levine just said that he would like to make a BS game for Vita. Ken Levine is now not connected to the BS franchise because he shut down the company. It would be on 2K to do such a thing. This happened early last year. It's hard to say if the Vita will get one or not, but it was a long shot to begin with.

Perjoss1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


Sorry, but you're wrong:

"A version of BioShock for the PlayStation Vita had been announced at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo by Levine during Sony's press event, alongside the introduction of the Vita, but few details were revealed at that time. Levine later described the title as still in the works, a game that would neither be similar to the first two BioShock titles nor be a version of Infinite for the Vita. He stated that "I'd rather do something that's an experiment and that's a little different. And is unique for the franchise." By April 2012, with Irrational working heavily to finish Infinite, Levine had put the Vita game on hold."

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bouzebbal1416d ago

it's a U-turn that proves Vita isn't the console they revealed the first time anymore.
I never saw the use of Near anyways, or i dont know how to use it.

jukins1416d ago

How isn't it what they revealed? Imo the thing that kept the vita from being a great success is/was price. When they revealed it $250 was an amazing price for the vita but then nintendo did a huge price drop on the 3ds, it also was struggling until it's price drop,and that kinda took the wind out of vita sales before it even launched

Neonridr1416d ago

@jukins - yet the Vita and 3DS are the same price and have been for quite some time and every month the 3DS outsells it.

Sure the Vita was expensive at $250, but the 3DS launched at $250 as well. Being $50 more for better tech isn't something that is new to us (PS4 is currently $50 more than the XB1 for more powerful tech).

It's the big games the Vita is lacking. That list posted above has like 1 or 2 games that will actually sell some copies. It seems like every game that hits the 3DS sells over a million units with barely any effort. Thus the developers flock there because of the much larger userbase.

bouzebbal1416d ago

@jukins :
what makes a console successful is a mix between price and games, but games are biggest reason here. Nintendo never lost a handheld war due to the amazing number of games they release on it..
Vita has been introduced as a PS3 type of experience in your hands. Dual Stick was a big deal and AAAs like Uncharted WipEout and Killzone really caught people's attention. It also allows some very unique casual experiences due to the cameras and read touch pad.

Now take a look at what happened to it. What games use camera, microphone, Rear Touch pad in the passed 2 years? i only see Tearaway. Vita went from an AAA gaming machine to an indie station using barely 2 buttons. It also became a PS4 companion more than an independant gaming console (in Sony's eyes).

I love my Vita, i just think its ressources are underused. it's too bad!

vacoby51415d ago

Guys the vita was 300 at release.. In America anyway.. it's messed I paid that much a b day haven't got much as far games in awhile

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yuukiliu1416d ago

I used to use YouTube on the vita, but that stopped when i got a tablet. Not a big deal for me. A little extra room on the ol memory card.

psychobabble1416d ago

Yea, no concern if it affects other people as long as it doesn't affect yourself, right?

gokuking1415d ago

The Youtube app was like 5MB in size ...

3styler1416d ago

Why in the world have they been so lazy with the vita support, i mean how little would it cost them to just update the youtube and their 'near' app but they're not doing it and instead they go the easy by just removing messed up.